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Switching from Cambridge Diet to Slimming World

Has anyone got any experience of this?

I am currently on day 18 of cambridge diet and to be honest I cannot do it, it's not the not eating thing, it's the not sleeping, feeling miserable and being snappy part of it that's getting me down.

I had a nap this afternoon and woke up struggling for breath with my heart racing... this was the final straw for me. I cannot carry on with this diet.

So my initial question still stands... and also can I join you lovely ladies and gents... pretty pretty please :giveup:
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I'm afraid I cannot add anything about swithcing from CD to SW, but what I can say is that SW is a great plan and you never feel hungry. I never feel tired, miserable and snappy, in fact quite the opposite. I think this plan gives you a refreshed life back into you.

Hope you decide to change. The results are great and the people on here are soooo supportive. :)

K xxx
I really hope you decide to join slimming world. It is such an easy diet to follow. There is a huge variety of food to eat and you never have to feel hungry.
Lovely to have you here. Ask any questions you want. Its a great healthy eating plan-and it works!!
Hope you dont mind me saying, but i love your tribute to Sebastian-its very special xx
Thank you very much txrawl, I love my tribute to Seb, my very good friend made it for me to put in my signature on forums :)

Well I've taken the plunge, I am joining you ladies and gents officially!


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Welcome aboard! SW is normal, healthy eating, and it fits in with life quite easily. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Looking forward to getting to know you around here

When I did the CD for a very, very short period of time it was always my intention to then switch to SW at the end once I started eating again.

Well, I hated the CD plan so only did it for a week (I love food too much!) but when I mentioned my plans to other people on the CD they all thought it would work well so I'd say do it, do it!

You'll feel so much better actually being able to eat real healthy food with friends and family. :D

Good luck x


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I done cd for 12 days then moved straight over to SW, I stuck to sw plan 100% and gained a lb on my weigh in, but I think that was reasonable damage limitation, I went on to lose 4lbs the week after.

So, dont be disheartend if the sw scales show a small gain after your first week on the plan, your body will sort itself out and the week after should be a good loss. Saying that, you might lose in your first week anyway.

good luck xx


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Welcome ~ SW is fantastic, I cannot rate it highly enough! It's not like a diet, more like healthy eating that fits in perfectly with your everyday life. I never feel hungry.

Everyone on this forum is friendly and supportive ~ tbh it is like a lifeline to me.

Good luck xx
Hi Im looking at doing this switch too. How did you get on orange?

I done cd for 12 days then moved straight over to SW, I stuck to sw plan 100% and gained a lb on my weigh in, but I think that was reasonable damage limitation, I went on to lose 4lbs the week after.
Maria can I ask if you ate carbs gallore like SW lets you or did you watch what you ate? Thanks


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Trust me ! You won't regret the switch! You automatically eat healthily (without missing out on your treats) Now I'm doing it properly (I have fannied about in the past :rolleyes:) I can honestly say I feel better, my sleep has improved, and I'm losing more, more easily than I've ever done. (well apart from when I starved myself in my teens! But you learn!)
I have just come across this forum and its put my mind at ease! I started Slimming World January and lost 1stone 9lbs then switched to the Cambridge Diet. I have been on CD for just over 3 weeks and lost 22lb but really want to get back to SW. I am going back to my class tomorrow night but so nervous that I am going to pile all my weight back on. Do you know whether it would benefit me to stick to Red days or will I be ok on both? Any advice would be great. Thanks Kelxx

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