Extra Easy Switching plans part way through the day


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Hi all,

I'm wanting to try and keep my options open on days when unexpected meals crop up, for instance if I'm on a Green day and all that is on offer for a meal out is a fillet of Salmon rather than a pasta I would rather not have to syn or Healthy Extra the Salmon. If on this day I had consumed no more than one Heathy A and one Healthy B (as with Extra Easy guidelines) could I switch to Extra Easy by not using any further Healthy Extras on this day or would I have blown it by not sticking to the three meal and 1/3 superfree rule throughout the rest of the day.

I eat a lot of superfree anyway so I suppose I could aim to eat Extra Easy all the time to keep things flexible but was just thinking ahead to a day when it might not always be convenient to eat three meals a day accompanied by Superfree as is advised with Extra Easy.

Thanks for sticking with me. I followed SW a while a go and found it frustrating sticking to Red or Green when unexpected plans came up so Extra Easy is good for me, just being awkard really :)
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Yes you can change as long as you take account of your HEs and syns. or another option is just to remain neutral by using foods that are free on all plans until you decide which plan you want to follow that day :)