symptoms of day 3 and 4

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  1. charlie32

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    i was told day 3 and four are killers,what can i expect so i know im not dying !
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  3. Redpam

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    Some people find days 3 and 4 hard ,others sail through them. You might get a bad headache, feel a bit sicky and you might want to bite evreyone's head off lol

    Just stick with the diet and keep glugging the water
  4. blitz

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    Not everyone is the same, I was ok until day 6, even then just light headed and a headache. I took 2 asprin and went to bed for 1 hour and woke up feeling great. My next bad day was about day 13 when I felt the same as day 6.

    I think water is definatley the key to have starve off some of the symptons.
  5. LoodyLoo80

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    Cambridge Diet
    I would say day 3/4 were the worst for me. I had a terrible headache and felt soooo sleepy. I found that water, tablets and sleeping helped. On Day 7 now and feel great.

    I also felt a little sick, but I just rested and stayed on here to take my mind off of it!!

    Keep smiling x x
  6. chicksy

    chicksy Full Member

    I was one of the lucky ones who sailed through it ;) I kept glugging down my water!! I never had any of the side affects. Maybe my body just was in so much shock from not being stuffed with rubbish all day it couldnt even produce a headache lol!! Although on day 5 I could have probably eaten my own arm but a litre or so of water cured me.

    Hope all goes well for you and you dont suffer

  7. EmMUK

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    I had headaches and felt really dizzy, but then chasing around after a toddler will do that to you when you suddenly reduce calories. but by half way through day 4 it was all good and I haven't looked back. I hope you sail through with no side effects.
  8. dinkymonkey

    dinkymonkey cambridge counsellor

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    i had a nasty taste in my mouth,headache and felt sick but it only lasted a day or two. It does get easyer as you go on.:)
  9. MrsWobble

    MrsWobble Full Member

    I felt really weak and woozy and a bit emotional but amazing no headache and I nearly always have a headache!

    The best think for it was lots of water and sleep! I had a nap when I got home from work - and still went to bed my normal time!

    I did feel better by day 5 and once you get on the scales for the first time you soon forget the few days of misery.

    Good Luck - stick with it!
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