syn binge with cuppa...


So pretty much stuck to it today I think (similar to yesterday but more).

Breakfast - raw carrots (odd breakfast food, i know), scrambled egg, 2 quorn sausages (2 syns), mushrooms, 1 slice wholemeal bread with light spread of benecol (yuck).

Lunch - Lovely red pepper, potato, carrot, tomato soup

Dinner - baked potato, tomato, beetroot, beans. Tiny amount of grated cheese too.

Snacks - 1 alpen light bar (do i syn this or count it as HEX?), grapes, 1 gingernut (2.5 syns i think).

I also had milk in tea, but I drink tiny amounts of tea every day.

So, how many syns/HEX do you think I have remaining? I need a sugar rush with my night-time cuppa.
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Was your slice of bread from a small or large loaf - if it was from a small loaf it counts a 1/2 a HEXB which you can combine with the 1 x alpen light bar to make a full HEXB. If it was from a large loaf you will need to syn the alpen bar.
How much cheese did you have? Was it full fat or reduced fat? If it was full fat you get 30g for your HEXA, or 45g for a reduced fat.


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Can I ask why you're eating Benecol light spread if you don't like it? Don't waste syns on something you don't like!!
I also think your day's food looks quite meagre. I couldn't survive on that amount of food! You're allowed up to 15 syns a day, so you would appear to have quite a few to use up.