Syn Free Burger Recipe Wanted


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When I make burgers I finely chop up some red onion and also add some spices, maybe a bit of garlic powder, crushed chili, ground cumin, black pepper - maybe some herbs like italian mixed herbs or thyme. But I also add bread crumbs and an egg and mush it all together. I make my own bread crumbs by blitzing up a piece of bread. But that piece of bread, maybe up to two pieces, will be added to enough mince to make about six burgers. So if it's wholemeal, you could count it as a hexB I suppose? It's really not that much because it spreads out so far over several burgers. But the breadcrumbs mix with the egg and meat juices and help make it less dry.


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mmm thanks will leave out egg and bread and give it a try


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I just made syn free quarter pounders they were yummy the recipe is for 1lb of ex lean mince but just adapt to what you goes:-

-1lb ex lean mince
-bunch of spring onions trimmed and cut finely (i didn't have any so used some onion instead)
-2tsp bbq seasoning
-2tsp worcestershire sauce
-2tsp mustard powder
-1 medium egg, beaten
-fry light

1) mix beef, onion bbq seasoning worcestershire sauce, mustard powder and egg together in a large bowl.
2)Divide mixture up into burger shapes.
3)Spray with frylight and grill for 10-15 mins.
(i dont use a grill so i fried in fry light for 5 mins then cooked in oven for 20-25 mins)

I used a wholemeal meal roll as hexb some cheese as hexa and some free bacon it was yummy really recommend!



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I add everything in sight, all of the above plus schwartz steak seasoning & soy sauce.

I also leave the mixture in the fridge overnight aswell, because they are so much tastier the next day.....much quicker to prepare aswell!!


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 1st11lb(16.23%)
Sorry forgot to say, I also put a laughing cow light/extra lite..whatever I've got in the middle aswell


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for ultra special syn free burgers: buy untcut braising steak (remove all visible fat), sear the meat in a frying pan to seal it if you eat your burgers on the rare side. chuck it in a food processor for around 20-30 pulses with some black pepper or whatever seasoning you want. remove mixture and shape into burgers. fry with fry light. you get amazing steakhouse style burgers as a result.