SYN FREE CARBONARA < tweaked real Italian recipe >

Carbonara is one of my favorite meals, my friend did a 3 day course on itailian cooking and brought us in the recipes , which i tweaked to make S/W friendly.

  • mushrooms
  • rashers(bacon)
  • parmesan cheese 40g HEALTHY A
  • tagliatelle
  • garlic (optional)
  • 2 egg yolks
  • Black pepper
  • fry light

  1. boil kettle, place tagliatelle in pot add water and salt, cook.
  2. spray pan with frylight, cut fat from rashers and dice/chop up, add to pan
  3. chop up mushrooms, when rashers are mostly cooked add mushrooms, and garlic cook to your liking
  4. in seperate bowl , not in pan with rashers ---add just a little more than half the Parmesan cheese to the egg yolk and black pepper(to your liking) mix add splash of water from previous boiled kettle and mix again
  5. drain pasta , add to rashers and mushrooms stir till mixed, transfer to a bowl that will allow you to mix it again
  6. add egg and Parmesan mixture, immediatly(you want it to still be hot from the pan), stir till pasta is covered
  7. place on serving dish sprinkle remainder of cheese on top and some cracked black pepper
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Really likes to cook
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Sounds lovely!
Must try this version!


Silver Member
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Made this tonight with HEA 50:50 lowlow and Parmesan (all I had left !) used 4 yolks mush onions chopped spinach peas bacon
Served with salad
Lush (it was plenty for 2 of us!)


New Member
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That sounds amazing. Me n hubby are well into Italian food :) thank you