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Syn Free Coleslaw

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by jojomax, 16 March 2012 Social URL.

  1. jojomax

    jojomax New Member

    Does anyone have a recipe for Slimming World Syn Free Coleslaw (type thingy!). I know it won't be the same as mayonnaise rich stuff.....just want to see if anyone has managed to make anything at 'least tasty'. :confused:
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  3. lawlaw

    lawlaw Member

    Hiya JoJo if u use the search element to this site you will find everything you need. Just type in the recipe and away you go :p happy cooking :D
  4. imthatguy

    imthatguy Member

    I make coleslaw all time.and it seems.to.go.down well in my house i use....
    2 carrots
    White cabbage
    Red onion
    Fat free fromage frais

    Grate the carrot, shread the cabbage abd thinly slice the onion.
    Chuck it in a bowl and add as much fromage frais as u like to get to a consistancy u like then just season it with salt and pepper.

    I find that if u leave it like an hour before u use it then it all comes together better and looks like proper coleslaw....

    Dw if after an hour u look at it and it looks watery just give it a gd mix and it will b yummy :)
  5. bobbytooshoes

    bobbytooshoes New Member

    Not quite syn free but I make mine as above but add a squeeze of lemon and a tbsp of very low fat mayo (0.5 syn) to the fat free fromage frais. Makes it a little more creamy and actually prefer it to the shop bought ones now.
  6. jojomax

    jojomax New Member

    Thank You Guys....you are GREAT! I shall get some Fromage Frais this afternoon :O) . We have a new Mandolin so I will be cooking up a barch! Thanks Again. xxxxx
  7. shellsbells-x

    shellsbells-x Full Member

    You might want to try adding a dash of vinegar and a sprinkle of mustard and sweetener too, and maybe an egg yolk x works a treat with mine but I use quark and fat free yogurt in mine so those extras might just work with that xxxx

    Good luck, my other half can't get enough of mine!! Xx
  8. Spek79

    Spek79 Full Member

    Ooh I'll try that too. Always struggle to find fat free fromage frais though..
  9. imthatguy

    imthatguy Member

    I use tescos light choices fromage frais thats free on ee
  10. tashab

    tashab Full Member

    I love tescos light choices fromage frais I use it for everythng
  11. Chubbylass

    Chubbylass Full Member

    Gonna give this a try, might work well with SW KFC chicken ;)
  12. Queen Bizzle

    Queen Bizzle Silver Member

    ooo good ideas :) does everyone grate all the ingredients? I've never made a colesslaw before!! haha xx
  13. imthatguy

    imthatguy Member

    I only tend to grate the carrot I finely slice the pinion and cabbage....altho gratung wud work just as well :)
  14. shelly22

    shelly22 Full Member

    Hiya could you please post your exact recipe as think this would be the one fit
  15. shellsbells-x

    shellsbells-x Full Member

    Will post something while in on my pc at work tomorrow for you :) x
  16. Dear_Maria

    Dear_Maria Full Member

    Wow, liking this, will try this tonight :happy036:
  17. shelly22

    shelly22 Full Member

    Aww thanks that would be great x
  18. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Loving homemade coleslaw at the minute, I have it with everything!! Lately I've been having it on a baked sweet potato, with homemade burgers, in a wrap as a sandwich filler...all sorts!!

    I make mine by grating 1/2 a white cabbage, 1 carrot and roughly slicing 1 onion. Mix all together with 1 tbsp of Quark and about 3 tbsp of FF fromage frais - I find the Quark makes it seem a bit richer than just fromage frais alone.

    Quite often I'll also add a healthy a allowance of grated cheese to it too. Cheesy coleslaw absolutely Syn free - heaven!! :drool:
  19. fifee

    fifee Full Member

    Sounds fab!! I must try that. Ive just finished my first week, got lots to learn lol
  20. Keldelacoe

    Keldelacoe Vintage Virgin Vegan

    I peel a carrot so it makes ribbons, onion sliced and shredded pointed cabbage (much nicer than a white one) 1 tsp of wholegrain mustard, 2 tbsp of white wine vinegar and extra light mayo (sorry but quark is just vile in coleslaw IMO) bladdy lovely :)

    Oh and a sliced sweet apple... Makes all the difference
  21. Bobbi.T

    Bobbi.T Full Member

    Yummy, that sounds good. Think I prefer the extra light mayo option to quark. Never tried quark but just don't think it sounds very appealing.... In the same category as quorn & tofu in my books. ;)

    Will def give this a try for next wheel.

    R. X

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