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Snacks Syn Free Crisps

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by ChelleFeegan, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. ChelleFeegan

    ChelleFeegan Full Member

    Hello all,

    just come across a recipe to make crisps in the microwave.

    use a potato peeler to slice potato, spray plate with fry lite, place potato down, season and then cook for 4-6min.

    it works, but I also saw someone say that these aren't syn free? Can someone confirm how many syns these would be?

    also cooked up some pasta earlier; drained and mixed through some marmite. Then baked at 200 for 20 minutes. Taste like twiglets.

    guessing these aren't syn free either?

    thanks for any help
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  3. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    They are whats known as 'tweaks' and cause much controversy around SW.

    There are 3 options
    1) Dont have them
    2) Syn them (as SW head office suggest)
    3) Keep them as a free food (as most people do)

    The logic behind synning them is that you arent using the product as intended (cous cous cake, pasta crisps etc)
    But mine (and a lot of consultants and SW members agree) that it is a much healthier choice and who says you arent using it as it was intended? You dont HAVE to syn scan bran when you make it into cakes or burgers but that is a crisp bread!

    I say as long as you dont have it every day and you are still happy with your weightloss then why not have them free? The minute youre eating this stuff all the time and you arent losing weight well then its probably going to be contributing.x.x.
  4. ChelleFeegan

    ChelleFeegan Full Member

    Thank you for replying :)
  5. slimminghippo

    slimminghippo Member

    I agree, as long as your not eating heaps of it every day then I don't see a problem. Try and balance it out with a bit of super free. Lets face it some home made crisps are a better choice then a pack of Doritos or twiglets!! Just keep an eye on your weigh ins and if you start to gain maybe give it a rethink xx

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