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Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Donnie46, 29 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Syn Free Pasta Quiche


    Batchelors Pasta in Sauce
    4 Eggs


    Make up the pasta in sauce according to pack instructions but use only water.

    Once cooked stir in the eggs and pour into a flan dish.

    Put into a moderate oven for about 30-40 minutes until set.

    Syn free
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  3. Winny

    Winny Full Member

    I've done this one before....but added a tub of cottage cheese and only 2 eggs.
    Made with Leek and Chicken Pasta an Sauce it's yummy

  4. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Thank you Winny that is a lovely quiche recipe too.
  5. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Ive just made this along with other sw meals and snacks for the week ive used green beans and onions and sliced tomatoes as well having some for tea looks yummy.x
  6. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Are all flavours syn free?
  7. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Hi i used tomato and herb which is made up with water so mine was but i presume they are if made up with water instead of milk but i would double check
  8. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Hi just looked on sw online and there are loads most are free on red and ee but about 22-23 on green ones like carbonara are 1/2 a syn on red and EE leek and ham are 1.0 on red and EE just remember to make the excluding the milk and butter use water. sorry not exact for you just a rough look.x
  9. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    Can someone confirm for me if your meant to syn this if your using pasta and sauce and if so how do I syn if the pasta and sauce is only half a syn! I'm so confused and slightly in love with this recipe. Any answers welcome
    L x
  10. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    It depends which pasta and sauce you use.. Most are syn free so yes this also would be free.
  11. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    So if I'm using a free one can it be counted as completely free? Sorry
    I'm just checking before I eat it!x
  12. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Yep :) eat your heart out! If it's a meal just make sure you have 1/3 SF if you're doing EE x
  13. Mini~Mummy~2~B

    Mini~Mummy~2~B Full Member

    So once the pasta and sauce is ready you just mix 4 eggs, add them in then pour in to quiche dish and bake?

    This sounds great to take for lunches! Add in some tomato, onion, peppers to bulk it out a bit. Maybe even HEXa and a bit of grated cheese on top??? Hmmmmm!
  14. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Definitely going to make this soon x
  15. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Yep that will be lovely...
  16. Timetogetserious

    Timetogetserious Gold Member

    I've just had this cold with sw chips and it was even better I can't believe it's free! Just can't eat to much do I get bored(I.e smash pizza)!!
  17. Nickee

    Nickee Full Member

    I bought the leek and ham one today , it says to make it up with water, milk and butter. Do i just omit the butter and make up the total volume of liquid with water? Would the syns be free or is that only on ee?
  18. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Yeah leave the butter or syn it with some LF Marg.. I do that and make with water only and it'll be free on EE
  19. Nickee

    Nickee Full Member

    Ace thankyou! Planning a delish sw friday date night with hubby!
  20. daniella25

    daniella25 Member

    Someone mentioned this on our Facebook page but our consultant said it be syns As its not used in its true form? I don't understand as I thought it be free?
  21. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    How is it not being used in it's original form? It's just pasta with eggs...

    If u use say smash as flour (for smash pizza) then I've heard that Consultants saying it's synned but not this...

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