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Syn free relaxation/fun/activities ideas?

I have been working Friday nights for the past few months but am changing my jobs so won't have to work any evenings and weekends yay!

This has made me think though that it may bring back the temptation to have a drink and takeaways and treats at weekends that haven't been so much of an option!

I was wondering for those of you that have given up drinking or cut right down at weekends etc what you find to do now to fill your time that you may enjoy more now? (tmi not needed though ha ha)

Not sure if this makes sense? Just looking for some ideas and inspiration that doesn't involve too many syns and money....if thats possible?
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I see the light!

Friday night used to be my wine and snacks night. As we all know wine is syn loaded! and even if I make sure I leave enough syns for it, I have found my losses arn't as good, plus the added problem of drinking = even less willpower! I did try using lower syn type drinks like vodka and diet coke etc but it just wasnt the same as my usual red wine, so what I have decided now is I would rather have a bottle every few weeks or so than vodka! Now I am on red days, on a friday I get myself half a pint of cockles from the local fish stall, so thats my friday treat, not everyones cuppa tea I realise, but I love them!!

Now my takeaway nights would have been a Saturday night, so now Saturdays are always a EE day, and the evening meal revolves around something with SW chips. Today it was syn free burgers, with HEa blue cheese on loads of salad in them and HEb bun!! I sometimes have pitta with spicy chicken like a kebab. So really other than less alcohol and crisps my weekend hasnt really changed. I have found I enjoy my wine more because I dont have it so often.

Helen xxx
If I really want a treat it has to be a massage, manicure or just general pampering, haircut with wash and blowdry etc. Something to make me feel really good!
Funny how the title obviously gives different thoughts to different people.

Ok so I read the title & before reading the posts i've got in my head, walking, picnics etc, lol

But then I read Helen's thread & thought what a brilliant idea.

Mid week I allow myself 1 glass of wine, it's 100mls & I know it's 3.5 syns. On a Saturday night MiL comes round with wine & chocs so I enjoy myself then:D but I do always syn these up the next day.

I don't really have any SW food treats, but I do feel 'special' when I have cheese with something.

Otherwise I'd make myself a nice picnic & go for a walk. It's surprising how many nice places there are & no matter where you live you really don't need to go far. Or you could watch a good film & make some SW food.
I second Helen's comment about enjoying alcohol more the less you have it. I gave up drinking during the week last September and found that it tasted alot better come friday night!
I also find now that sometimes when it gets to friday I don't fancy a drink at all. Not something I could have imagined a year ago. I just hope one day it works for cheese too.
As for marking the weekend without racking up syns I find it easier to do things that don't involve food or alcohol such as going to the cinema or watching a film in bed (much more difficult to eat and drink while laying down!).


Life's full of choices
I stopped smoking the day I started on SW so I needed to change my routines lol. With my smoke free lungs I go for a walk after doing my hair, make-up, nails, and putting on a different outfit each night lol. I feel great oh and I do take the dog, or walk to the cinema with the hubby and/or our kids, (2 for 1 nights).

I used to hide away, now I think NO, exercise even walking makes me feel good!! As does taking pride in my appearance, something I neglected as the weight piled on.

Getting ready passes time, and the buzz, as people we pass comment on my new look and weight loss is priceless. Much better than feeling guilty for pigging out and feeling sorry for myself - that was the old me!
The day we re(started)slimming world we both cut soo much bad stuff out! We both would drink a few glasses of wine or a couple of beers EVERY night,dinner would be a takeaway 3 or 4 nights a week,which is mad really because I cook my 3 kids fresh meals from scratch every night with tons of veg etc.Hubby also gave up smoking last week so we are both on a total detox :p
We've both agreed to cut out all alcohol for at least the first few weeks so the evenings feel really really odd!
I've started filling our diary with plans to fill the gaps which is helping.We go to class on a wed evening and I've booked hubby and I a 45 min session of badminton at the sports hall next door whilst my mum has the kids.I've just done our local leisure card application and signed up for a ladies swimming session 4 days a week too,plus started a family swim session every sunday at 6.30 for two hours :D We take the kids and dog to the park which is great for everyones sanity in these looong school holidays! Oh and we've started re-decorating the whole house room by room :D And at night whilst watching the tv I'm on my exercise bike.
My theory is that if we are busy then we will be less tempted to give in to the temptations than if we were slobbing on the sofa.Plus the kids are getting out way more and I'm excercising for at least an hour every day,some days 2 hours.
Think that's it so far just hope it works!
It is! lol.I was a size 8 and weighed 9 stone and hubby was a 30" waist when we met,I jogged/had horses etc..then over the years we turned to pubs,beer and fast food now here I am at 18 st 7 and hubby is 15 st 3 :eek:
It requires a total turn around for us because "just" one beer would turn into 4,just "one treat" take out would turn into three times a week again..
I'm sure there are loads of peeps out there who can make minor adjustments and succeed but not us :p


Life's full of choices
Yeah I'm the same with crisps, one bag leads to a multi pack then "What the h***" A large bar of chocolate....

.....so it's a complete change for me too. Well done to the two of you though let your journey begin. :)
I def agree about enjoying alcohol more the less you have it, we used to have a bottle of wine between us at the weekend and to be honest it was habit and I did it because its what we did, whereas now I really enjoy a glass of red on the odd occasion I have it. (only problem is since cutting out drink I prefer red now and my boyfriend still likes white and rose lol)

I find the same with food, I enjoy my food and my treats so much more now I'm not just having everything for the sake of it.

As for other things to do, I really want to take up knitting, I haven't yet as I'm a bit scared to, but my nanna's said I can have some of her old needles, so will have to treat myself to everything else I need and get teaching myself. I just know I'll get so frustrated if I can't do it.
At the weekends we like to have something made the SW way but to make it feel like something naughty i will make either homemade burgers, a healthy pizza or have something like an homemade curry or Chinese.

I am currently doing the Dryathalon and its surprising how much im not actually missing alcohol but i have been enjoying some nice different flavour squash :) xxx
I do find now when i have a naughty treat i enjoy it so much more because im not eating it excessively anymore lol!
Last night i had a galaxy ripple and i felt like i had a food orgasm lol xx
Have knitted three scarves since Christmas to keep me busy and away from the nibbles, its can;t last though as the wool is so expensive, also reading a lot but it is easier to eat and read than to knit and read!

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