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Syn free sausages??


Joe's Sausages by any chance? They are the nicest sausages I've ever had. Syn free on red days only (I know this because I get them from a friend who goes to SW and the rep from Joe's Sausages visits every month or two and gives them special discounts and free samples) :)


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they aren't quorn ones, they are proper sausages with less fat. they were from a market stall called "the sausage man". he said that slimming world recommended them and they are actually labelled as syn free. I think I will presume that this is on a red day though.

Can I have all sorts of quorn on both days?


Sorry, you must be getting sick of me asking all these questions now!:rolleyes:


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As your sausages contain meat they will defo not be free on a green day.

Re Quorn - i don't think it's all free, some of the flavoured ones are'nt as they contain things like cheese.... i think it's just the plain ones that are free and yes on both days as quorn is a sort've mushroom like product...


In case anyone else wants syn free sausages, by the way, Joe's have an excellent delivery service:

Joe's Sausages


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Joes sausages look fab but they're so expensive - especially if yo have to order 8 packs!!!

I stick to tesco healthy ones for 1/2 syn each. :)

Susie Holliday

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Where do you get these syn free sausgae from? Really want to make syn free scotch eggs!!! U roll the sausage meat in plain cous cous!!!! They are amazinf but have pnly been able to fin sausages with 3 syns in each=/


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The only sausages that are syn free now certified by SW I think are the Linda McCartney Red Onion and Rosemary veggie ones. joe's sausages were (but aren't officially ssanctioned anymore, dunno why) and people usually get group orders of those as they are only avalable online in certain quantities.


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I am mega fussy about sausages - do these Joe ones have an ingredient list? xx


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SW have stopped giving accreditation to syn free sausages. The current certificates are valid, they are just not renewing them. So as they expire, they won't be SW approved anymore.

However, as long as they have not changed there ingredients they are syn free. Joes sausages have a web site, so u can look on there for ingredients