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Syn free things you love.


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Hi guys newbie here and was just looking through the site and noticed things i didnt realise were syn free, and some of them i already have in my cupboard from before i joined Sw.....thought it may be fun for us to list things we couldnt live without, and we love that are syn free.

some of mine are:
pot shot
bachelors rice
activia yogurts.
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Hi Lancs Girl

Things i couldn't live without are

Jacket pots (done in oven) beans and cottage cheese

Muller lites (lovely mixed with hartleys sugar free jelly makes a milky jelly type thing)

Alpen lite bars choc and fudge


fruit (esp bananas)

danish nimble

OOOhhh i could write a book lol (not all sin free but v low or HE's

Good Luck with your weightloss

Carla XX
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hmm :)

supernoodles and pasta n sauce


The concept of HE's - eating 2 alpen choc n fudge bar for 0 syns is just ridiculously great! :)

All the lean meats, sandwich meats etc is a good send. love treating myself to a fillet steak and knowing its syn free!


Bananas, Strawberries, and Grapes are kinda my new sweets!

Sweetcorn!! I love that that's free.

Extra Light Mayo is definitely important (1/2 syn but still!).

I too could go on forever! x


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POTATO!! Im mash, jacket, boiled potato mad!!

Mrs V

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bacon, mushrooms, eggs, frylite!
S: 14st11lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st4lb(1.93%)
MMmmm I love....

Morrisons Eat Smart Diet Pork Sausages
Batchelors Macoroni Cheese Pasta 'n' Sauce (1 syns if made with water and no butter)
Batchelors Savory Rice
Pot Noodle Mug Soup (1 syn)


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mullerlights and activia, love yogurts and takes the sweet craving away
mugshots and supernoodles because they're so easy
Homemade chips/wedges
Alpen lights, I go through loads of these, they're almost good enough to replace my usual choc fix with.

mini-milks (1.5) and asda treat size choc bars (4-5)
low cal hot choc (1.5-3)


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Bacon eggs tomatoes and mushrooms

Muller lites

Slimming world chips ( they really are better than 'real' chips)

Slimming World quiche (either the corned beef one or the vegetarian one)

Steak tomatoes and mushrooms

How can we enjoy all this and be on a diet.....amazing!!!
S: 15st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 2st7lb(16.2%)
My 2 favourites of the moment are Mushy Pea Curry and a lovely dessert/breakfast of broken up Alpen light bars (if using them as HexB) and chopped up fruit (esp strawberries) covered in yogurt :D Add a bit of honey for 1 syn if you feel like going mad ;)


I will be a yummy mummy!
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I discovered mugshots on the weekend - ate 3 over 2 days!!
They're amazing! I like the spicy S&S one best.

Also I go through sooo many potatoes - Jackets for work, SF chips, wedges, new potatoes yum yum yum.
Carrots - raw sticks in work
Jelly (although not syn free)
Fat free yoghurt - mainly for savoury dishes
Quorn sausages
Extra lean beef mince
Wholemeal bread
And just starting to get into Alpen Lights...

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