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Tablets (suppose to be taken with food?)


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At 2am in the morning I woke up in a pool of blood!!! (sorry if tmi)
Turns out I had a miscarriage?!?:(
We were trying for just over a year and decided to have a break so 2 months ago I went back on the pill?!?!
I'm more shocked than upset as I had no idea.

Saw a really nice male doctor (old & not good looking). My only concern is he has given me tablets to take and told me I had to take them 3 times a day with food...what should I do?!?!?
I didn't tell him I was on CD but he said to me 2 or 3 times, you must make sure you eat well??

Have stuck to CD today and hubby just made me some chicken, not sure if I should come off CD??

Would my CD be qualified to comment on this or should I phone my doctor?
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Oh lyndzi, I am sorry.

You do need to come off Cambridge for a while. You need to wait until the end of a full proper period before going back on the diet and even then perhaps a higher plan for a while
Lyndzi, I am sorry hon :( thats real sad news. I hope you get fixed up on the right plan for the time being.


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Oh I'm sorry to hear of your sad news.
If it were me I'd speak to your doctor.
Take care.


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very sorry to hear your news, but I think it'd be best to let a doctor know about your diet, or the CDC - you need to be well

take care x


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So would the 810 plan do?
Sorry for the late reply.

You do have to come off all the plans. That's the rule :(

You could contact your CWPC for them to phone the medical department for extra clarification with your particular case.

Very best of luck.


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oh no im so sorry:(, take it easy and take care xx


Is a woman on a mission.
Sorry for your sad news.

Thinking of you. Boo x x x x
Hi Lyndzi,

I'm so sorry to hear your news.

If you're unsure, until they get back to you, why dont you try following Slimming World?? That way you're still following a weight loss plan so wont feel bad or guilty for eating and you can eat LOADS on SW??

you can get some meal ideas on their website and also the SW forum on here is full of meal ideas??

Sending love and hugs xx

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