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take me away from the food!!!


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i never saw myself as an emotional eater until today...

i always (in the last year and a half since really looking at my eating habbits) been like this.. i have always prided myself in not being an emotional eater.. when things got rough i never turned to food...

but todya..my mother has made me sooooo cross that ive eating FAR TO MUCHH TO EVEN TALK ABOUT!!!! i have my weigh in tonight which i can honestly say i have stuffed up!!!
i just cant stop eating...

im an anger eater.. and i need to work on this... i cant believe i have let myself down....
i think i just need to deal with this. but i dont know how...

any one please help!!!
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Slowly but surely x
This is NOT like you, babes.
Im not into the psyhcology of binging or anything like that, I always find it patronising when I read about it....but my addiction was carbs and fuelled by my own obsession with the taste for bread and toast.

But, without sounding like Im patronising you or food in full, you ate because you was upset and lots of people seek comfort in food. It is a reward to calm the nerves and allows the sugar to give you a rush and a high and deliver you a new emotion other than the one you are in.

Is there a way of replacing the anger for food with anger for a long, cold drink and a run around the house? To be honest, I can't see the beauty in that cos I think food would win every time.

Darling, Im no guru in this subject. All Im good for is listening and giving loves to my buddies.

Loves ya....PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME if you need time out x


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thanks hun....
to be honest i dont know anything... and im sure gg will be around in a min to give me a good stern talking too and maybe help me understand it a little more... (hope its soon!!)

its totally not like me. i dont go round the kitchen actually looking for food to eat... and eat anything just because its food regardless of if i like it or not...
im going to tally up what i have eaten (roughly) today, and im going to make a pact with myself that between now and next monday/tuesday im going to burn off those calories, doing exercise. not what i would normally do in a day etc. i want to make sure ive burnt off every little bit of crap ive just shoved in my mouth...

i mean the run round the house with that lovely water.... hmmmm i dont think that would win over pork pies and little pancakes with butter on them!!!


Slowly but surely x
maybe because you are so near your Aus goal that perhaps you sub-conciously allowed yourself those little treats.
At least you identified it, accepted it and shared it with us.....we are all human, babes x


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i know. im cross with myself becase ive done it.... but didnt want to hide away from it.... ive also told my husband (which i wouldnt have normally done) so hopefully the wrath from him as well as having to go through the pain of burning off those calories.... might just knock me in the head!!!


Slowly but surely x
if you are going to burn it off, dont go on a blow out....do something like a LOOOOOOONG walk or a LOOOOOOOOOOng swim. Doing an exercise class will not do you any good. It has to be tonal than cardio muscular


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i dont do classes other than pilates... and even thats my last class this week...
i think i might pop into the pool on friday morning.... and maybe thursday i can go on the treadmil after work.. (at work) what else can i do...
jumping jacks galore LOL

Gg is here with the stern talking too! ;)

First of all stop giving out to yourself; it just perpetuates the desire to eat! And once you are in that cycle it can be damn near impossible to break out of it! So take a deep breath, accept that you have done it, praise yourself for learning something new about yourself and now move forward and work on having a different response to eating.

For emotional eaters (hands up me... and so badly it became a true addiction to escape reality) it is not about eating things you don't like etc. It's about using food to cope with/suppress an emotional response rather than working through it... so rather than really process the emotions you basically eat them down to reduce the stress feeling. It gives a sense of release/calm/oblivion etc. Think of the smoker who is frantically trying to get their lighter to work and then the smile that comes over their face as they have that first "hit".

Emotional eating is a learned response and therefore the good news is that it can be unlearnt. Usually it's picked up in childhood where you learned to suppress your own feelings about situations in various ways (could be you were ignored when you tried to say how you felt about something, or verbally told it didn't matter etc) .. whatever the method you picked up the message that your feelings weren't as important as those around you.. . in psychology they call it losing "your voice". I suspect, based on what I know of you hon, that you can think of many instances. It's what you did to survive your childhood at the time... and in certain circumstance/with certain people that reaction is triggered again. They also say in psychology that under anger is hurt ... that anger is just a manifestation of internal pain.. and there is such a thing as an emotional memory.. so the feelings from today can have triggered emotional memory of previous times your voice was suppressed/not heard and that can make you feel out of control cos the reaction seems, on the surface, out of proportion to the event.

The advice I have been given is that when i have the urge to eat like that I have to think of it like a suspect thought... and then think about what's behind it. A pen and paper usually help.. and it doesn't have to be sentences .. it can be words etc.. but basically you try and jot down what it is that is going on ...what are you really feeling and acknowledge it. And look at your behaviour during the event; did you back down/stay silent even though all your gut instincts were against it? In otherwords did you fail to protect yourself .. that can bring a sense of shame/powerlessness/hurt etc... and those aren't comfortable feelings so you "eat them".

Does that make sense? I do have a link that I posted before about emotional eating; want me to dig it out and post it again?


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its my blooming mother!!!

if you could that would be brill to find me that link...
i think i might understand it a little now... now that ive got a connection!
I just had a look at that emotional eating quiz and I ticked them all except 4.. :(

I should probably sort this out before I start back on CD (in a month or 2) but how? Should I talk to someone about how to deal with my emotions in an alternate way (I am very emotional so this eating happens almost daily)
I just had a look at that emotional eating quiz and I ticked them all except 4.. :(

I should probably sort this out before I start back on CD (in a month or 2) but how? Should I talk to someone about how to deal with my emotions in an alternate way (I am very emotional so this eating happens almost daily)

Hey Gorgeous.

If you find the self help techniques don't work it's usually a sign that your subconscious beliefs need exploring and that can only be done with a professional who can help you identify them (cos we are not consciously aware of them).

I've certainly found it a huge help talking to someone about this stuff .. and the stuff we've identifed from my past that have influenced my current food behavious is unreal!

I've attached the article I was given by my CDC (as for some reason the weblink has stopped working for it all) and it may be a good starting point for you. I've put in some hyperlinks for some UK websites.

Take care xx


Great links Gg :) Sorry you have had a tough day Kes. It's amazing how things or people can trigger off something in us.. Food can numb feelings, then we hit the rollercoaster of feeling bad and guilty.. sometimes having something in your tum is comforting and it makes us feel better even for a moment. I work with someone who is enough to try the patients of a saint and I have let her get to me in the past.. I drive home with it all buzzing around in my head and then...several bars later I snap back into the real world.. I hope you feel calmer soon, you have done really well and look great x :)
don't beat yourself up chick we've all done it ! I just ate a packet of chicken pieces and although its ok I still feel guilty but had no gas and electric all day and sooo cold I felt like I needed to eat !! hey ho not the end of the world - chin up chick xxxx