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Taking a break from CD


need to be old goofy me
G: 9st0lb
and reverting to WW for a while...

my willpower is just at an alltime low ~ i think staying on CD is causing me to binge. On sunday i fell off the wagon, and everyday since i've made it to about 7:30pm at night, and then fall off again in spectacular style, consuming more kcals/fat/carbs than you'd need in a week :eek:

Until i can sort this head of mine out, i'm back on ww... slower losses, but at least i'll still be going in the right direction, and it should hopefully put an end to binging.

Still going to use the CD forum tho... so you's ain't rid of me yet! :p Hoping you guys will re-motivate me to get back into CD again soon. Right, no more talk from me about being off the wagon, i'm back on it, its just not the super-speed formula 1 style CD one... its the slow WW one that steadily chugs along... aww well, it'll still get me to the finish line one day.

Hope everyone is doing well... :)
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Step away from the chips!
Hi Yvonne - sorry to hear you've found it tough going since Sunday but it's good that you have a plan to get back on track while still losing.
Wishing you lots of luck hun x


has started again!!
Good luck!! WW works, and as you say, if its right for you then go for it!! Keep posting too!


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I was having a nightmare with CD in the end so started adding the odd atkins style meal and still managed to stay in ketosis for over 2 weeks (until I drank a load of Rose!) if you are going to fall off the wagon why not try low carb/atkins and you might be able to keep hanging on along that bumpy road....ps I am back and focused and on Day 2 now.


Strong women stay slim
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Hi Yvonne
Was you writing my life story there , cos thats me at the moment , About 7pm in the evening i do the same , its like you have to cheat been like taht since my sisters BBQ saturday , had a few good days but then bad , was thinking of taking a rain check too ... will try again today and see , I have two good months where nothing is happening and i can pull this off thats whats holding me still in there abit , and it might just get me to Goal . Cos the 6 weeks school hols will be here and i don't want to be on CD then ,,, hey i'm talking myself back into CD lol . Ok i better push off now , i think i might have to be banned to my room at nights lol


need to be old goofy me
G: 9st0lb
Thanks Karen, Sez, Prosecco & MsJMC...

Prosecco ~ i looked into Atkins, but i don't think its for me... i miss carbs, and having a variety of food, at the minute. Ultimately, this is why i keep failing. I think any diet which makes certain food off limit is going to trigger me off on a binge. The more i can't have something, the more i want it, and i can't seem to gain any control over it, its like i become a robot and go off on an automatic feeding frenzy. I realise ww sets limits in regards to points, but at least i can have a little of what i fancy, in moderation. Nothing is off limits. So i think WW is the only route i can take until my mindset and willpower comes back to me ~ and at least i'll still be losing in the process, so its better than no diet at all... :)

MsJMC ~ 7pm ish must be the evil hour for us! Good luck for today, hope it goes well...!! Let us know how you get on... :)


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Good luck Yvonne!! We're all here to support you whatever you do. Ultimately we're all after the same thing no matter what way we achieve it!!:) You couldn't be too far from ideal weight - you've done so well!!!

Keep at it:p


need to be old goofy me
G: 9st0lb
thanks Jaxie, still got over 2st to go tho [i'm a short arse at 5'0...]. :boohoo:
Good luck! You can do well in a CD break if you keep a check on things & don't see it as an opportunity to eat anything & everything! Hmmm.... me thinks the girl speaks from experience! Keep us up to date on your progress.


need to be old goofy me
G: 9st0lb
Thanks fingers-crossed, i will indeed. Definitely trying my best to stick to ww... last thing i want to do is be back to Square 1!

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