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Taking LT on holiday (Through Airports?)

Hi Everyone

I am going to Vegas in a few weeks and would really like to stay on LT still, but am a bit worried about taking powdery sachets onto an American flight. If they are in my suitcase it shouldnt matter should it?

But the flight is 11 hours so i would really like to take one at least on the flight! Has anyone done this?

Also, first week over first weigh in i lost 7lbs :) although totally chuffed with this, imagine if i hadnt slipped what it may have been. Blinding diet i am very impressed :)
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They'll be fine in suitcase! If I were you I would have a few in hand luggage too, not just one :). Helpful if god forbid anything happend to your main luggage - but also will stop temptation to snack on anything else if you've got extra you can dip into. Try getting a flapjack too as that mnight help having something to properly nibble on.

Great weigh in result - well done!!

and lucky you off to Vegas, sounds fab :)


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Great loss for your 1st WI :D Well done you !

Re LT through Customs... at least it'll distract the sniffer dogs from the coke :D

Seriously... you should be fine :) For the plane trip I would recommend getting hold of a few flapjacks as they are more convienent & plenty of water... plus the flappys taste so foul they will last the whole flight :D

Good luck & enjoy your hols :) x
Great attitude!!! I'm sure the packets will be fine, hope you can drink enough water on the flight. Have a super time!


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Well done on your first weight in and brill attitude about sticking with it in Las Vegas!! Impressed. You are determined, which will take you a long way! Even to Vegas ;-)!!!!

I cant comment on taking on flights, etc cause I am not sure. But, I think the flapjacks would be ideal! Mind you, if you havent tried one, maybe you should before the flight ;-)! I am saying no more on the subject :)!!

Have a great holiday and again, well done on your loss !
I haven't been away while on LT but I remember someone last year having a problem and they recommended taking the shakes in the LT carrier bag. Someone else had a letter from their doc or chemist explaining what the shakes were. It may be worth looking at old threads.

Have a great time, you lucky girl! *turns green with envy!*



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Well done on your loss!!

I have taken LT on flights to the UK and Portugal in my suitcase and in carry-on luggage. It shouldnt be a problem, I've never had one but I'd agree with the advice about taking the carrier bag with you. I'd keep them over the next couple of weeks so that the ones in your suitcase are in a bag and the ones in your carry-on. That said I only took the carrier in my hold luggage to Portugal...


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