Taking the plunge


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Well i have decided to start a SW meeting, my first one is tomorrow. Had realised that i am not strict enough with myself doing it at home so am thinking that by going to the meetings i will try that much more. Fingers crossed i aint gonna be disappointed.
BAck to the gym on Tuesday too - cant wait !!!!
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Good luck hunny :) I love going to class and find it a real motivation.


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Hi Claire- I, too am starting class after doing sw at home.. Have put a lot of weight after having an operation in September and wanting to start sw again so want the support of real people.

Really hoping it's a nice group... Hope t all goes well for you x

Mr White

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I went to my first SW group on 26th July and have never looked back. I remember 15mins before hand still deciding whether to go or not having gotten really nervous about it.

It was a bit overwhelming at my first meeting however I new the routine come tne 2nd meeting and the 3rd meeting was great and it has just gotten better and better from there.

Ive now lost 4stone and have a long way ahead of me but going to group helps me be good.


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I was intending doing SW at home but do think that attending a club and having someone else see and record my weight will motivate me further. I was worried about the time and cost but if it helps, these are things I will have to invest in!! For that reason, I intend enrolling in a class tonight! Silly me texted the club leader to see if they were open today and it was in big bold type with stars each end on the leaflet that they were open Bank Holidays!! I'll let you know how I get on and Monday meetings will hopefully keep me on track over the weekends. Jacqui x
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Hope all goes well with your weight loss journey, and that the class was fun for you. I weigh in tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

Devon Dolce

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Good luck to all of you starting on your SW journey! I am going back to class tonight after a few months away, and a few pounds back on, and can not wait! xxx


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Well guys what a fabulous class, the leader was really nice and the class was packed - so thats a good sign!!! Felt comfortable as soon as i walked through the door. So thats it my weight loss journey is officially under way. Good luck everyone keep me posted on all your losses please. I am aiming to loose between 5-7 lbs this is this too much to expect??