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Tales from the gym

I used to work in the childcare facility in my gym, and I saw some rather entertaining things.

There was the lady who's two and a half year old daughter peed her pants in the kid's area and wouldn;t come change her until she finished her last ten minutes. She said "I've only got ten minutes left!" I made her come in and take that poor baby out.

But my favorite was a woman who came in one day while I was working out. I was jogging along on the treadmill after my shift, watching a movie in the cardio cinema. I am going at about 5.0-a nice comfortable jog. I notice out the corner of my eye my friend looking over her shoulder (she is walking at about a 3.5). Suddenly, she says, "Oh, honey, no!" as a woman STEPS ONTO MY MOVING TREADMILL BEHIND ME.

I slipped a bit and hit my elbows, but managed to jump onto the sides and hit the stop button. The woman is SCREAMING. As I jump over her to go call an ambulance, I notice she is wearing full length, long sleeve dress and sneakers. Hmm...odd.

Turns out that she is drunk. Yes, that's what I said-drunk. She apparently (according to other members) comes in drunk a lot, and always either wears a dress, or brings workout clothes and walks around the locker room naked.

She was ok-she had a banged up chin and cheek, and her hands were pretty rough. But luckily, nothing serious. The EMTs checked her out and left, and she decided not to contact a lawyer, as the EMTs noted that she was drunk. Crazy people in this world...
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