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Tamara's EE food diary hopefully weightloss goes down from here

my 1st day trying slimming world, my weigh in's are on monday mornings, 01/03/10
hey guys! well i joined slimming world today, went to the class and everyone was really nice and supportive so i thought i'd put a diary on here to see what i eat.

i had a big breakfast today

B - 2 scrambled eggs, beans, plaintain and half a sweet potato ( free)

L - mullerlight and an orange

D - vegetable stirfry with brown rice

s- grapefruit, weetabix and milk and 2 satsumas
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Todays food

B - half a scrambled egg, 150g baked beans,mushrooms, piece of grilled plaintain(Free) and two slices of oaty bread. 3.5syns for one of the slices of bread and (HEA for the other slice)

S - Toffee Mullerlight ( Free)

L - jacket potato with tuna salad no dressing

S - Chicken mugshot

D - pasta and tuna with a side of steamed spinach onions, tomato and peppers sprinkled with cheddar cheese.( HEB)

S - water melon ( free)
Brunch - Grapefruit, dairyleee triangles( HEB) jacket potato,beans, 1 whole plaintain grilled( cant get enough) 2 eggs.

D - Tuna, 2 eggs,spinach,spring onions,tomato and peppers made into a salad, followed by muller light toffee.

S - 2 satsuma, pink and white wafer and loads of water. will have a glass of semi-skimmed milk later.

Sins for the day
pink and white wafer -2syns
2 extra dairylee cheese triangles -2.5syns
olive oil from tuna- 2syns
what i ate today
dairlylee original ( HEA)
weetabix ( HEB)
pink wafers *4*

and later i will be using some of my syns to have weetabix with toffee mullerlight poured on top with a chopped banana,as i'm so full up from lunch and as i havent got a sweet tooth and i dont no what to use my syns on, i also hate crisps.

Total syns for the day

i'm also drinking 2+ litres of water a day!
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B - plaintain, 2 eggs, beans, tomato, followed by a mullerlight.

L - Pasta and tuna bake with dairylee triangle *5*

S - cracker bread and fat free cottage cheese *4.5*

D - home-made potato salad (all free)

weetabix (HEB) mullerlight

250ml semi skimmed milk (HEA) with 4 cracker bread *4*

Total syns for the day = 13
having a bad day today, weigh in tomorrow, ive never been so inspired in a diet like this before and i tried so hard and the scales havent moved a twinch, i'm giving slimming world another few weeks to get settled in and if things dont move i will be doing lipotrim. i dont really want to but i dont want summer catching me being fat, i need to get back to the slim person i was a yr ago.

heres what i consumed today.

B - grilled tomatoes, plaintain,cucumber,lettuce, eggs and beans.

S - steamed spinach and mushrooms with mixed veg seasoned well and very spicy

L - mullerlight mixed with natural yogurt and a choped banana.

S - lime water, natural yogurt with a tsp of sweetener, satsuma,fresh pineapple and frozen summer fruits. followed by 3 ryvita crackerbread.

D - small portion of pasta and tuna with chopped onions,red and green peppers, fresh tomatoes.

i hate being diabetic, this means i have to be eating my HEA and HEB at 2am in the morning because of low blood sugar levels, i think this is why i have STS all this time. im not a very happy bunny today.

HEA - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
HEB - 2 weetabix biscuits.
syns - 1 level tsp peanut butter ( low blood sugar levels, had to grab the 1st thing in sight!!)

2 ryvita cracker bread, 28g oats and milk from my HEA

Total for the day = 13 :( i'm very angry, ive never synned like this all week, wish their was a cure for being diabetic or maybe just take the low blood sugar levels away from me at that time in the morning

B - grilled plaintain ( cant stop eating them) 2 weetabix(HEB) milk(HEA) one tbsp sweetener.

S - half a banana ( trying to give it a go) summer fruits, natural yuguort.

l - roasted butternut squash, aubergine with steamed veg and scallops done in garlic with fresh herbs.

S - ryvita minis and 7 crackerbreads lol ( 12 syns)

D - baked salmon seasoned with parpika, fish seasoning and chilli. grilled tomatoes and new potatoes, brocolli, green beans, mushrooms cabbage,sprouts and mixed vegetables.
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well after a 2lb gain on monday due to totm, i've now lost the 2lbs again. yaay!!

B - 2 eggs, half a can of beans, 2 slices of oat bread ( heb=+ 3.5 syns for the other) cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.

S - 1 crackerbread *1*

L - small jacket potato 300g, fried onions in frylight then i added the beans and seasoned then added 2 laughing cow triangles on top and melted it in the microwave. followed by a side salad.

D - fresh sea bream fish with salad and sweet potato mash.

*3 litres of plain mineral water*
*freshly squeezed lime in hot water with a sweetener added*

Total syns for the day is * 4.5*
food for today.


B - 2 weetabix and milk with a banana chopped up. (HEA+HEB)

L - 2 salmon fillets, eggs, green beans,

D - homemade vegetable soup.

syns= 6 cracker bread , few pieces of 8 chips from a bag*2*, roasted pepper and sweet chilli cottage cheese. *1* 1 laughing cow, 1 dairylee, dont no how many syns that is until i read the book later.

S - chocolate orange mullerlight and will have loads of fresh fruit later aswell
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12/03/10.... I'm going to try calorie counting with slimming world because i dont think the portions are normal enough for me, so i'm aiming for 1000 -1200 a day. biggest calories to be consumed at breakgast because i do 2 hrs brisk walking a day and that way i can work off breakfast without feeling sluggish all day.

B - scrambled eggs,2 quorn sausages, tiny portion of beans, cherry tomatoes, sweet chilli and red pepper cottage cheese*0.5* and cracker bread*3* ( 480 calories)

S - muller light*2.5* ( 100)

L - 30g branflakes 200ml skimmed milk, 3 dairylee light *Hea+ heb* ( 210)

D - Tuna steak, side salad and a drizzle of french dressing * 0.5* ( less than 200)

S - 1 cup of homemade veg soup and a large fruit salad ( less than 200 but to be safe)

3 litres of plain water throughout the day

Total for the day -1,190 so i'm happy with that.
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13/03/10, i'm keeping it very light this weekend, its weigh in on monday!!

B - bran flakes and skimmed milk, 1 dairylee triangle. *hea+heb*
( 400)

S - weight watchers crisp - *90*

L - Homemade lentil soup - *200*

S - fruit salad *100*

D - lentil soup, followd by a tuna salad. *350*

S - fruit salad (100)

Now my only syns are the fact that i had a huge portion for breakfast which is about 7 due to the big portion of bran flakes but i did that on purpose as i'm going to be out walking for about 4hrs today.

B - 30g branflakes(HEB), 100ml skimmed milk( part HEA) pear,satsuma and apple. 361 cals, 1g fat, 90carbs, 8g protein.

S - muesli bar *5.5* 100 cals

L - Tuna in spring water, cucumber and 2 quorn sausage and cottage *0.5* 171cals, 15g protein, 2g carbs.

S - pineapple with natural yougurt and some sweetener. 100 cals

D - lentil soup (free) 5 crackerbread* 5* and dairylee light triangles (Hea) 300 cals6g fat

Drinks, 3 litres of water plus loads of black tea.

lime squeezed in water.

Total syns = 11:)

Total calories, 1,032 207 carbs, 11g of fat out of 57:), 56g protein so i'm guaranteed to be full all day.
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been eating -1200 calories a day and today i cant beleive the amount i aint, its not normal.
first i went jogging for an hr, then after lunch i went for 2 hrs brisk walking, but it doesnt justify the fact that i ate too much today and its not like me.
B - 4 weetabix and milk. (350)

S - satsuma, apple,6 pink and white wafer. ( 300) and a whole lot of syns.

L - 1 small wholemeal roll with dairylee light, cucumber and spring onion drizzled with hot sauce. 1 satsuma. -200

S - 2 weight watchers crisp - 200

D - large oven baked fish, 300g potatoes, mixed veg and brocolli and half pack of savoury rice. (600)

drinks were half a litre of water ( i normally drink 3)

peppermint tea and coffee.

Total 1,650 calories. and zillionssss of syns!

not to mention while typing i ate 5cracker breads and 1 dairylee triangle, 130cals
morning everyone, wi this morning and i lost 2lbs so very happy about that. i'm still doing 1200 calories a day so here goes.

B - 40g oats, 200ml sweetened organic soya milk. ( hea+heb)

L - homemade lentil soup with loads of vegetables chucked in. ( free)

S - mullerlight and a cup of tea with the rest of my milk allowance.

D - baked sweet potato, Huge tuna steak and loads of steamed veg.

Drinks will be 3litres of water

No syns today, i dont deserve any.
B - 40g oats porridge with 250ml sweetened soya milk and sweetener. (Hea+heb) 200cals.

L - spinach and lentil homemade soup with loads of free veggies chucked in. ( free) 100 cals.

S - fruit salad. ( free and 100 cals.)

D - homemade egg fried rice, made up with brown rice, 3 eggs, mixed veg, soya sauce and jamaican spices. side salad. 580 cals.

B - 40g oats and milk ( Hea+b)

L - vegetable soup ( free)

S - small portion of fish fingers and chips with ketchup chilli and mayonaise, anyone knows the syns for a a small portion?

D - sw quiche ( free)

1.5 litre of water today, i got 2.5 to go before bed.
wont bother writing down syns as i no i went loads over.

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