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Tara's weight loss diary


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Today is the first day of my diet and I figure if I do this publically it will encourage me to continue.

I've tried VLC diets a couple of years ago and managed to lose a stone in around 5 weeks. I was 14.7 stone at the time, went down to 13.7 and have managed to keep it off. I'm 13.7st now so am exactly the same weight.

I tried another VLCD about a year ago and have failed to keep it up. It is so much harder doing it the second time around and I'm resigned to the notion that if the mind isn't ready then it's impossible to do. My mind is set now and I'm ready as I have a big event coming up in a couple of months so just HAVE to be slim, it really isn't an option otherwise I'm not going and that will kill me to miss out.

I've done well on the first day but know that the first three days are the hardest. My mindset is strong so I haven't even thought about food or had any cravings and I'm hoping tomorrow is the same. My biggest challenge is keeping up with the water intake, water and I are not friends! The water flavouring which I never used the first time I did this diet, is proving useful as I can bear the taste. I used to weigh myself on a daily basis but I reckon I was a bit obsessed and just reminds you of how slowly it's going so I'm doing it on a weekly basis so I can see large jumps instead of small ones. I'm hoping to be at least 13st next Monday. Lets see how it goes. :party0019:
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Second day and I didn't do so well, had about 1500 calories today. God this is hard. Will not falter tomorrow and that's a promise! on the plus side, I have lost 4lbs since yesterday but that's going to be more water loss and loss of glycogen stores rather than actual fat. *sigh*


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Just wanted to say hi and hope it all goes ok. You sound very determined which is half the battle won IMO x