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Target members.....how many of you...


Now to maintain.....
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...continue to go to class??

i love my group and have a fab consultant but its becoming more of a 'chore' to go to class,make the time etc and i find myself more and more thinking that i know enough,have all books,would still buy the mag and use mins as well as other sites so i could stop.
but then another part of me says ooooooo but you wouldnt be able to buy new books or access the website etc.

logically i dont eat hifi's as i prefer others.
i do buy all the book as i love them but realistically do i 'need' any new ones?
the website...my biggest question really,its a fab site and i so dont want to lose access but if i think about it i dont use it regularly really i frequent here and other places but at the same time ilike the safety net of knowing i have access,can look when i want,get up to date info etc.

i've maintained since november and i truly do know that that weight will never,never go back on.
but....my hubby works a shift pattern 6 on 4 off....so never the same days and times off so increasingly i find i want to eat 'badly' on the wrong day to suit class,or he is home and i dont want to go i want to spend the time with him etc.

aarrgghhhhhhhh!!! what do i do!!!!!!!
i know none of you can give me that answer but id really love to hear what you do,how you have found that etc.
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I CAN do this
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Maybe you would be better going once a month or so? As long as you stay within target you'll still be free plus you get some group support to stay there and you won't loose the web access. Also makes it easier to fit in around your life.


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I still go to class every week and to be honest I think if I didn't then before long I would probably be back where I started.

I am quite honoured that newer members come to me for advice etc.


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I still go every week and help with the weigh in ad money. We have 6 or 7 target members who come regularly in our group and we all enjoy helping the others. I think the suggestion of going once a month is good as it will still keep you focused without having the weekly commitment x


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I go every week as I do the weighing... but I WANT to go every week. But then again, I'm only still new at this maintaining lark. :)


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Hi I have been maintaing for a few months and try to go fortnightly, I enjoy meeting up with people and if I can help I will.
I do find the week I am not going I tend to be creeping up in weight resulting in optimising the week that I go lol
Still not quite got to grips with maintaining although not yet weighed out of target at group - tactics :)


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I'm not at target at the moment but was for a long time and I never missed a week.
I would miss the members and I like helping the newer members.
Consultants value having target members in their groups and I found it helped me to help others.

When I get back to target I will continue to go every week.

We have target members who get weighed each week but never stay, target members who get weighed every week and stay every week, target members who come once a month - all these maintain their target weight. The target members who stop coming...... they all come back eventually, usually at least a stone over their target weight.


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I go about every 3 weeks just to weigh in. To be honest I never got a huge amount out of the groups after the first few weeks. By the time you queue to pay then queue to weigh in you normally still had to wait at least 20 min whist the new members got their talk. I started on my own but everyone seemed to be there with other people so although you'd get the odd chat I usually sat reading the books killing time.Then she went round the group, did a quick talk and you were done, so only 20 min useful but you were there 1.5hr. I only used to stay to feel like I got my £5 worth.
S: 18st4lb C: 15st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2st8lb(14.06%)
Doesn't sound like a very good group Sio. I went on my own to SW and even though there are quite a few people who come in a group we all have a darn good chat together and usually everyone is talking about there slip ups the previous week, recipes, everything, before we actually start the group. I'm not usually that involved at the moment though as I do the weighing but still have a good natter as I'm weighing people.
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I still go to group & stay, the reason is I've seen several memebers get to target only to be seen at a later date losing the weight again:cool: and to keep up with changes & the thought of being weighed keeps me on track.

I don't go every week, I'll now make plans for a Thursday night, wereas before I'd re-arrange plans to make sure I went to WI.
I haven't been at target for long but intend to go and weigh in maybe a couple of times a month to keep me on track and keep up my membership (as have thought of becoming a c at some point in the future)
Am not sure will actually stay to group that often though as have got a lot of other things going on but I do miss it at times and am glad that I can keep in touch with some of the group via facebook that have got to know as like to know how they are getting on !

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