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Target Weight Issues?

Hi everyone :),

I'm completely new to this website, but sadly not to the world of dieting. I was just wondering if someone would be able to give me an idea of a good target weight? I'm really critical of myself and would probably be really biased, and everyone around me tells me I'm fine (which is not true or helpful!) I'm a 19 year old girl, 5ft9 (approx).

Thanks for reading :) x
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Slimming down the aisle
It's pretty hard to set a target weight to be honest. I'm 5ft 9 too so we'll have the same BMI at the same weight. 12st is the top of the 'healthy' range but you can't really just go on BMI. It ignores things like body frame and the amount of muscle you have. The majority of athletes would be considered overweight if you went by their BMI! How about aiming for a dress size instead? Or maybe aiming for a weight around there but don't get so fixed on it that that's all you want to be, you might find that what's right for you is a little more or less. Personally I've set my goal weight as 13st 4lbs as that's what the Dukan diet and a couple of other sites set as my ideal weight after taking into consideration my body frame as well as my height. But if I get there and I'm not happy there, I'll carry on. Or if I get to 14st and I'm happy there, I'm a clothes size I like, I'll stop there. Every person is different, one person could weigh 180lbs and be a size 12 whilst someone else could be the same weight and be a 14 or a 16. It's strange really, I guess it's all about body shape and frame.
Yeah I am finding it really hard, so many different sources online telling me different things! The thing is up until a few years ago I used to be really skinny so I think I probably have quite a small frame and when I was 12 st (technically okay for my height as you said) I looked quite overweight...

Are you on Dukan then? How does it calculate your target?
Thanks x
compared to other people of your height, do you have big hands? wrists? broad shoulders? These are good indicators of your natural frame.

our own perception of weight is one we have to live with, but sometimes our minds play tricks on us. when you think of women with bodies you aspire to, how slim are they? if your idea of slim is the hollywood ideal, then perhaps you have unrealistic expectations.

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