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Team 12 - Skinny Minis official Thread...


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Evening Team..

Just got back from the gym, so sorry i am late logging on. This is our official thread, I have not put what team we are as I don't know how many teams there are so far, lol.

I hope I am up to the job of team leader and I will do the best I can to keep us all motivated and on track, and if anyone one see me slipping I am depending on you lot to give me a kick up the backside.

I thought it may be nice for each of us to post a photo of us now, during and then after.... I would like us to use this thread to support each other, whatever the situation, good or bad, kick each other up the butt if we need it, chat in general, well you get the idea. lol

I know I have already asked this in another thread but please can everyone, post their last weigh in weight along with their current weight, so I can work out the percentage to send to blue grapefruit tomorrow, Also please can you all let me know what plans you are on.

I hope that you understand everything that I am saying. lol
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Evening all,

Well my starting weight was 251 lbs, last week that went down to 239.4lbs, and I'll weigh again tomorrow morning.

I'm afraid I haven't got that many shots of me before/now as such but I did manage to find this one!!!



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Hey Ladies

can I have all weights in by 7pm tonight latest please. Thanks very much!

Hope you like the pics I have posted, hopefully it will motivate you all and i am hoping it will help me too, I need to stick to the diet to loose that last stone and a half.

Good luck all today, and remember keep drinking that water!
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WOW, Nessa... you have done absolutely fabulously!! :) Well done on getting to where you are now. Brilliant.

Heres to the rest of us achieving our own individual goals.

I hope you dont mind me saying you dont look as though you have another 1stone and a half to loose :eek:. You look fab! :)

My current re-start weight ((hangs head in shame)) is 12st 4lb. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

I will be weighed again Friday morning, I probably wont have time to log it in as will be leaving for Scotland on weekend break shortly after so may have to be Monday when back. Am hoping to have lost but only started properly on Monday so it will be a short week for me.

Looking forward and dreading the weekend in a way as know its going to be so easy to fall off the wagon going away! But do promise to get right back on Monday and hope I dont do too much damage.!

I dont know if you need heights.. but am 5ft 6". Would love to get back to 10st 7lbs but we will see how get on. I am not setting any target for now, just want to plod on.

Age: 44 :eek::eek::eek: think am oldest in group. LOL.

Married, with no kids but lots of furry small creatures to look after that keep me busy and skint!

Work full time in admin.

I havent got any current photos but will try to get hubby to take one. (am not a picture person :eek:)

Doing ss+

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S: 17st13lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 5st2lb(28.69%)
Hi Guys... Well Nessa, you look fantastic... its amazing how losing weight changes how people look completely... i would not have recognized you now from your before pictures, well done you.

Well I had weigh in this morning and lost another 5.4lbs.... horrah... now glugging my water and thinking about doing some work :character00148::cry:!!

Jules x


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
WOW nessa you`ve done great.
I`m currently 166lbs, but have no loss to report, i`m trying not to gain before tues.
my height 5.4

i will post some pictures, just need to try and figure out how...lol


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
sorry couldn`t resize them.
the 1st is when i started sept07, then april 08 then sept 08(now)
I look so happy in them all......lol
i cant wait til i get a picture i like!!!!
Hi, I started at 17 stones and am now 14. Aiming for 11 something by Christmas, which will be a first for me probably since I was a young lass!!!
Afternoon ladies... could i have everyone's last weigh in weight and there current weight to date please.

Jules77 I already have yours thank you, and WELL DONE!! on the 5.4lb loss this week! keep up the good work!
S: 12st7lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.71%)
Evening Fellow Skinny Minis

How are we all doing today. ?? hope the day has gone ok for you all.

I am on Day 4 and got through ok although due to work being REALLY busy, missed my lunchtime soup so didnt get anything till back home tonight at 7pm and i was well overdue.

Ended up having a shake and my tofu, feel quite stuffed now though! LOL

I was a good girl and REFUSED a fresh fruit tart ((drool drool)) that someone bought in for me. I could have eaten it twice over, but didnt.

Must be in ketosis now as have the grotty mouth, metallic state. :eek: Surpised how quick have got back into it especially as am doing SS+ this time round. Must admit finding it easier with having that 'meal' to look forward too.

Again, hope you all have had good day.

Deb x
Buffydog - don't worry chick, i have done worse than you this week i gained 1lb... don't know if it's coz it's totm or what, we can all do this... for me i know it's just taking me a bit more time and determindation to get back in to the swing of things...

for the last 3 days all i have been doing is craving chocolate, yesterday and the day before that was really bad, tonight has not been as bad, but still craving it... I have not stuffed my face tonight like i have been doing... been quite good considering what i have been stuffing at night, and it is just the night time that i have wanted to eat, but tonight have not been so bad, I am hoping tomorrow will be better and so on..

Everyone is doing so well, and considering we have only formed our little team and started the challenge like yesterday, i think we need a good full week to get into the swing of things.. so please no one get dishearted, things will come together we just have to give it a bit of time!

we can and will do this ladies... just keep with me and keep downing the water...




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S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hello hello hello - deary me i thought i had lost the team then - couldnt find it anywhere! - so how is everyone? we all gonna have a good weekend?? ...hope so ! i got my first weigh in tomorrow !! ...
hmmm just noticed the last post was a day ago...where is everyone?

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