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***** Team 19 - Fat Guys Slim NEW Official Thread *****

Hello my gorgeous team mates!!

I am proud to open this new thread to honour our fantastic team, as your new team member I promise to lead the best I can and to keep this team heading in the right direction!!!

I would like to say a warm welcome to Andrea :) the new 6th member of Fat Guys Slim :p Welcome, we look forward to hearing more from you and getting to know you. We share out highs and lows, we support, we nag and we encourage :)

Lets start 2009 as we mean to go on for the rest of our lives, getting slimmer, fitter and staying that way :D

Love to you all!

Lets get this party started!!

Kate xxx
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Rach - Woops, you naughty lady but you know what, we still love ya. You are allowed to have your moments and I am sure it won't effect your WI this week!! :) :hug99: Just get back on the wagon and you will be fine hunny, you have done so well so far, your such a star!!

Dean- you had a bit of a grueller at work today?! :( Hope its not been to bad honey. Thanks for your kind wishes honey! I think when I am away I will be calling on you to be my second in command to help out with entering our losses ya know!! ;) Well done on last weeks loss. I shall use this for this weeks scores!!

Hope the rest of our team are well. Not working to hard girlies!!

Love to you all xxx
Hi all, just a quick hi. I really think (by that i mean desperately hope) that there is something wrong with my scales they are STILL saying i STS :-( Oh well, i know that I will eventually lose something.

BTW Kate i think i speak for the whole team: We are proud to have you setting the example for us all to follow. Thanks for stepping up!

Hi Andrea - How are you doing?

Hi Nya

Sorry to hear your scales say you've STS :( that can't be right, what did you CDC's scales say? Perhaps you need to invest in new scales, if so Argos have currently got a sale on, I got some Salter scales from there on Monday they should have been £48 but I got them for £21 :D woop woop!!!

I just wanted to remind everyone- I need to know your losses by each Fri- either pm me them or enter them onto your spreadsheet and I will log in to check. Andrea, I don't know how to add you to the spreadsheet, not as up on it as Missy was so you'l have to pm me your results until a time when I may figure the email thing out.
I will then sort them out and enter them every Sat :D

How is everyone today? I am at work this afternoon/evening so relaxing a little this morning. I just keep thinking only another week and few days before Dave and I go on holiday :D (we're going up to Exmoor, part walking part riding part chillout holiday :D)

Speak to you all later xxxx

I may have figured out how to share our team weight loss spreadsheet with you, all you need to do is set up a googlemail email address.

Once you have given me your address I'll try to share the spreadsheet with you. Once you log in you go to the top of the page and click documents, you will find the spreadsheet in there, it opens in a new page and you will find your name on the bottom of the spreadsheet. You can then enter your info, BUT all you have to type in are the YELLOW boxes :D

We'll see how we go once you get this!

Hi everyone!
I know i was naughty. it was only meant to be a glass of champagne, not the bottle!
anyway, i have been doing really well walking to work everyday which is almost 2 miles up hill. only problem is that my scales say that i have gained weight :eek: i dont get it. a bottle fo champagne is 500 calories, not 3,500! Im hoping that its a time of the month thing or because i am building some muscle through all the walking but its so discouraging.
worst part about it is that we post tomorrow and im pretty sure i will have stayed the same which is gutting so early on in the diet.
anyway, i need to leave it all behind and stay focused. i know this diet works, and not loosing this week will make next weeks losses even greater, right?
Exactly Rach :D I bet you will have lost hun and like you say even if you don't then you will do next week. It may well just be fluid retention so don't fret too much.

I have found today really hard again- I think I just need to keep thinking about why I am doing this and keep focussed. I don't want to fail and like you, know that it works, but I do think that I will extend my AAM week to an extra week whilst we're away, as I will need the extra energy. If I like it then I may go onto SS+ we'll see!

Hope everyone else is okay xxx
Ok, so I have NO idea how it happened but Andrea is all of a sudden on the bottom of the spreadsheet, hmmmmmm!! So Andrea you just need your google mail address and your away. I hope your still interested in being part of our team cus I haven't seen you around since you first post!!

I dont think I can enter scores for this week as I do not have Sane's or Andreas--- so sadly we may have to lose another weeks scores and start next week....

Sane & Andrea- I hope your both doing well and not struggling---I need weight losses tonight from you both ideally, your spreadsheets need to be updated too.

I hope everyone stays on top of things with regards to their spreadsheets cus I haven't got the time to keep chasing people. We will see how we get on though.

Hope everyone is okay!



not for long hopefully
Hi Team
Hope all is well!
Kate, how ya finding the pressures of leading a team?
You were saying that you found things hard yesterday, hows today? Better I hope!
Like you said, just keep focussed, you have done the hard part, now its just time to make it all routine and head for your goal.
You know you can do it, and you bloody will!
Chilli, how you feeling - you seem to be well up for it, especially with the walking up hill part, youll start to feel and see the difference very soon! Keep it going!
Nya, your scales are wrong, youll see!
This diet is foolproof, stick to it, and you cant fail to lose!
Andrea, where are ya chick?
Dee, hope you are ok, long time no hear?
Kate, back to you. Have my weigh in tomorrow at 10, so will let you and all know what happens after that.
My loss from last week was 10st.75lbs - not sure if you need it or can use it though?
Spk soon guys, take care
Hi hun
Not doing to good today- still struggling, but just spoke to my CDC who gave me some advice which was nice :)

I will want this weeks weigh in but it all depends on whether Andrea, Sane & Dee have theres in too hun.

I'm working 9am-10pm's tomorrow & sunday so not got time to chase people. If by tomorrow night I don't have all the info you may have to be my second in command sunday and sort it out to pm to Irene, if thats okay?



not for long hopefully
Course I will, no probs, just check in at some time, if they havent posted, just let me know exactly what you need me to do!
This CD is soooo hard, but aye, we are in a recession, everything is hard these days! Be positive chick, see the target, imagine yourself how you want to be - hopefully with mind over matter, youll be fine!
Take care, be strong!


not for long hopefully
Hi Guys
Just had my weigh in, I lost 6.25lbs this week - to be honest, am slightly disappointed with that, even though I know I shouldnt be.
I know that you lose more in the first couple of weeks, I guess thats why losing this today has affected me!
Im ok though, if I can average that every week then thats 24lbs a month - putting it that way, then it sounds great!
But again, its another loss - hey, and thats why we are all here!
Keep it going team, its so gonna pay off!
Spk later
Hey Dean,
dont be disappointed, thats a great loss!!!!
we all have to deal with the fact that it will slow down.
the good thing is that we know the diet works, we have proved it to ourselves.
In order to keep the losses high i have started doing mpre excersize, now that i feel kinda normal again. It makes me feel great! if its going too slow for you, maybe try going for a walk or swim every other day.
We are all doing so well with something that is very hard and we should be very proud of ourselves.
Pats on the back all around!!!!
Hi All,

So sorry I haven't been around for a while, work and life have been getting a bit on top of me lately. Great to see we have a new member, welcome Andrea :)

So how is everyone getting on?
Dean - you are amazing! You have lost over two stone in four weeks, that is almost unheard of. Please don't be disappointed, things will slow down but remember it's still all going in the right direction.
Nya - don't worry about your STS, sometimes it happens. And often it's follwed by an extra big loss the next week! Especially with us girls, it's often hormonal, I wouldn't worry honey.
Chilli - champagne? A girl after my own heart, you know how to do it in style :D Now, back on the wagon Mrs!
Kate my darling, how are you getting on? Sounds like you have been having a hard time of it lately, are things a bit easier now? If you are still struggling, why don't you give SS+ a go? I find those cups of tea (with milk) help to fill me up and pass the time and get me through when I am not ready for a shake or soup. I think it's probably psychological, it's just the taking in of something that isn't water! Anyway honey, I know I'm not able to access Minis very often, but e-mail me at work if you need to chat and I'll do whatever I can to help :hug99:.

So I found this really interesting article on the BBC the other day, I thought you guys might like to see it. It's basically about how some people are predisposed to be overweight and others aren't. Well, it's more about how some people can't put on weight. I guess you can read this in two ways, for instance I showed the article to a colleague who is struggling with her weight and on weight watchers. She read it and said that yep, it's definitely genetic in her case, she is the fourth generation in her family who has been overweight. And this being the case, she may as well not even bother.
I read it and thought that yes, I am probably in that genetic category too, but that doesn't mean I need to give up. Rather, in understanding that, I can appreciate that I am always going to have to monitor my weight/intake of calories/exercise and look out for any patterns that I can fall into too easily, and habits that I have that end in me putting on weight.
Anyway, the article is here BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why do some people never seem to get fat? if you are interested.

I hope you are all having lovely weekends. My sky box died yesterday and so I'm stuck with freeview until I can get the very expensive sky engineer out. But that's ok, I have just found that the Phantom of the Opera is on, and I am remember why I love Gerard Butler so very much :D:D:D

Love Dee xx
FIRSTLY- DEAN - congrats, babe that is amazing, you are doing so well!

Rach- I am going to start going gym as of next week :) can't wait to start shifting more weight!!

Ok- so I have just got home from a 13 hr shift logged in to sort out entering our results but annoyingly realised I can't because 1) I don't have everyones results, I know Nya you say you have stayed the same but I don't even have your original starting weight info to use to work out the group %'s to enter......(please can you fill out your spreadsheet for me, its so much easier to access it than pm or post to you all :D cheers babe) and 2) it seems Andreas post on our old team thread has disappeared which only leads me to think she is no longer a member?!

So we dont have a full team in theory and need to advertise for a 6th member in order to get up and running...anyone feel free to post this in the CD section.....!

I am off to bed now, been a long day and my patience has run thin :( you all know I am struggling right now which is why, sorry, don't wanna rant on cus I love ya all, but if I am going to be able to be leader I need everyone to be behind me and help out where poss!! I am working 13 hrs again tomorrow so Dean, my friend if you can get hold of Nya's info and if you hear from Andrea would you be able to access the CD team rules, work out our losses and then enter them to IreneH?!!? If you manage to do this then I owe you big time and will send tonnes of virtual hugs!!

Dee- long time no speak, I will definately email you when I am in and able to, but just been working so much :( I know I know, I make a rod for my own back taking on these extra shifts ;) but we need the dosh!!

Hope your all well and enjoying your weekends! Speak soon! Love to you all xxxx


not for long hopefully
Hi Irene
We are having a few probs at the moment!
We are a team member down and are struggling to get the figures from another member.
Our new leader, Bride, has asked me to let you have the figures for today, as she is working, but based on the above, we may have to miss this week.
We WILL be back on track come next weekend one way or another.
Hey Dean,
Was just about to PM Irene the same info.
So, should we advertise for another member?
We really need to get on track here.
Checked the spreadsheet and its only you, me, kate and dee who are entering results.
I know nya's in our team but as it is, we only have 4 results going.
What should we do?

NYA - I know you are having a hard time of it STS, but please fill in your spreadsheet so we can start posting results, even if they are the same.

NYA - sorry if that sounded harsh, soooo did not mean it to!
I get very competitive and its killing me that we have not been able to post results the past 2 weeks.
I know we will get there eventually. we are the little team that could! and i would not have it any other way or be part of any other team :D
love you guys!!!
(boy, talk about your CD mood swings :8855:)

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