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At the moment there only appears to be 3 of us in team 3... Myself, Abz and Wilma. Anyone want to join us???

I fully accept that team 3 hasnt been the best in the past, mostly down to me having a wee breakdown and gaining some weight back.

However I am back on the wagon now and determind to SS until christmas now. Abz and Wilma are both really motivated too.

So we are looking for 3 very motivated, actively contributing members for the team! Anyone interested?
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I would love to join too... but due to an issue with scales I wont get my official starting weight until monday. If your still looking next week though I have a lot to lose and planning on cheat free all the way (though don't we all - lol!)


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Come on all -- We can do this!!!
Even if it's on our own terms. Loosing is good at any rate! Team 3 will get there.



Staying on plan!
I wouldnt mind taking a spot......
in need of a little motivation after all this time....
Hi Jaxmummy

I need your starting weight from your last weigh in. I then need your new weight each time you weigh in. Weigh in runs from thursday - thursday but just give me your results on the day you get them :)

We are trying to make team 3 much more active as has been a bit slow lately. Think you are up to it?

Wilma and I chat on MSN alot - do you use it at all?
never been on msn, but my weigh day was this morning. I was 15st 11lbs last week and this morning im 15st 6lb im dead chuffed as ive messed around this week. Totally focused from today tho. Where do i normally post this in the official thread ?????
yup just stick it on the "Official" team 3 thread :D

Congrats on your 5lb loss - thats massive!!! well done!!!!

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