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Team Glitterbelles


this time - the last time
Hello Emmy! Count me in! I don't start until 6th, so my weigh in days will be Thursday!
emmey said:
Hey all
For those that have been chatting about starting a new team... here it is... the first team of 2011, and one for us. Who wants to join me?
Hi emmey can I join? It's day 7 for me now on SS. Been looking for a team!
Crystal and Jay ! Welcome xx So when is your weigh in day crystal and Jay you start Thursday ? My weigh in day is Saturday I am on day 2 week 1 and doing four packs of avidlite a day . Trying to get into ketosis at the min!
emmey said:
Crystal and Jay ! Welcome xx So when is your weigh in day crystal and Jay you start Thursday ? My weigh in day is Saturday I am on day 2 week 1 and doing four packs of avidlite a day . Trying to get into ketosis at the min!
Thanks Emmey! Mine is tomorrow, really scared, just finished Totm so hope I've lost something. I'm doing 3 packs of cd. Keep going hon, you'll be in K soon and it only gets easier.
Hi Guys

Could I join you? I am going to see my CDC tomorrow afternoon and am starting Tuesday, my weigh in day will be mondays. Want to loose about 6 stone so I am going to be here a little while and would love to be part of a team for support :)

Zoe xx
emmey said:
Ah good luck! Sure tomorrows weigh in will go fine. What flavours you been having?
I had strawberry today, banana yesterday and tbh just finishing the flavours off cos I only like chocolate and chocolate mint. Going to try the porridge soon, what's the best way of making it? I'm hoping il like it cos it will mean a nicer brekkie than a shake!
Finishing off the cd stuff then ordering a week's worth of exante, just cos it seems cheaper and I don't even see my CDC so dunno why I'm paying for counselling. I did wanna try the new 'choc mint cd bars tho! :) everyone have a good day?
Welcome Zoe :) be here for a while too!


this time - the last time
Hey Emmy, Crystal and Zoe.
Thought it might help to introduce ourselves. I'll go first......
I am starting CD SS on Thursday.
I am 5ft nothing and weigh 16stone.
I am hoping to lose at least 7stone...9st 2 is BMI 25 for my height.
I recently got engaged, and definitely want to lose weight before the wedding. Don't want to put myself under pressure in the run up to the wedding, so ideally want to maintain in the preceeding 6months. Wedding date is set for 2012, so I have time.
I am turning 30 at the end of may, so my first target is end of may! I would like to lose as much as I can in the next 5months, and then concentrate on working my way up the plans to change the food I eat and to finally get to and maintain my goal.

Sorry....waffled on a bit!
Welcome Jayellekay :) end of may should be enough time to lose loads. We're here for the support hon, it's tough but so worth it!
Quick first wi update, 8lbs down! (even with Totm) so I'm v happy. Just gotta keep grounded and carry on now. I love cd :)


this time - the last time
8lbs! Wow! That's a great loss! Well done!
Ah jayellekay that's great. Good luck for your first meetiing with your CDC. And good luck for next mon/tues. Just think how fab you will look and feel!

Crystal 8 lbs that's great and I bet you feel chuffed ( and so you should), ESP with totm too. Fingers crossed for another fab week.

Zoe welcome aboard! How's it going for you Hun?

I'm on day 3 today and according to the ketostix am in ketosis. Fabulous! I am feeling pretty rough but seeing the pink made me a bit determined which is good. Shakes today then shakes and a bar tomorrow. Go back to work tomorrow so hope the suppression of hunger pangs get better for that!

Happy Monday Glitterbelles!



this time - the last time
Ketosis! Congratulations! Day 3 - that's quite quick. I'm sure the hunger will stop soon.
Should all start to get a little easier...
Ah just logged in on my PC rather than the iphone app and can see signatures now!

So Team Glitterbelles...

Emmey - Saturday weigh in (started 1st January 2011)
Crystal - Sunday weigh in (started 26th December 2010 week 1 done - minus 8lbs)
Zoe - Monday weigh in (starting 3rd January 2011)
Jayellekay - Thursday weigh in (starting 6th January 2011).

What are your start weights and targets?

2011 will be all our years!

Jay thanks ... hunger pangs coming and going. Might have to get the bouillon out soon! Boyfriend gone out so first time I've been alone in the house since I started back on the shakes. Luckily I made sure I ate all the good stuff to remove temptation!

Hey all :)

I'd love to join if possible! I'm a CD restarter, I was on it last yr and lost 3 stones but unfortunately stopped because of family issues and now put them back on :(

I'm 5"6 and I weigh 218lbs now and my target is 126lb (so quite a long way to go, but I'm hoping 2011 is my year!)

I start today, so my weigh ins are Mondays.

Hello all!
Also in order to help and support us, I made this excel file for us so that we can update our weigh-ins and details. I've filled in your details as much as I can from what I saw on the thread, but please check and update if necessary.


It's a google document, but you don't need to sign in to edit, just be careful what you fill in/edit.

Basically you only change the YELLOW boxes and leave everything else and it will calculate it for you.

What you need to start with:

1) We each have a tab/sheet on the bottom. Select your name.
2) Edit your start weight at the top left
3) Target weight
4) It will automatically calculate loss required
5) Your height
6) Your start date on the right

Then each new week, we put in the weigh ins in the yellow box underneath. It really helps for motivation and keeping a table of all our statistics.
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only a new group so anything goes at the min and anyone's suggestions! :) We all seem to be weighing in at different times of the week. Have you started abstinence today or just weigh in today and starting abstinence tomorrow? x

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