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Team Sassy Skinny Bunnies!!

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Whoooo :banana dancer: Come on Team 1 :D

Team names ..... hmmmm i am seriously no good at names!!

So how will this work then, just post weight loss in each week and the captain will tally it?
Teams should use their thread to document weight loss per week and kinda use it like a team diary if you like. Ultimately it's the first team to reach a 100lb weight loss collectively. There will also be first team to lose 25, 50 and 75lb awards :) (Virtual awards lol, I'm not made of money ;))
Yay go team 1!!! Who's gonna be captain?
Don't know yet, we need to decide that. For starters we need to know who wants to be considered for captain...
Not me - I can't get online often enough - no net access at home and not working at mo cos of back :( so I'm off sick.


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I think you should do it Gem :D

How about Shakin' Sistas for a name???

Welcome to the team everyone :D
Aww :) Well I don't mind doing it but we need to see if any of the other ladies fancies a go - if more than one of us wants to do it I guess it'll be a poll :)
Hehe how about SassySkinny Bunnies
Lol loving both of those ideas :D


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ooooh i like sassyskinny bunnies better!! lol :)
Lol well that would already be the majority vote for SSB. Do you wanna go for it? I know the other girls aren't here yet but we need a name :(
Yip Yip Yip :D (am I allowed to vote?) heh
Nope, the challenge starts officially on Monday so we'll take anything from then onward. :)


I will be skinny again!!!
So are we just taking the weight loss from after now? or what we have lost so far aswell?
(Okay, I don't know what's going on but my posts keep getting published above where they are supposed to be...)

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