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Team Weighty Mateys - April 2009


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Hi Guys,

I figured it would be a good idea if we started a new thread now that we are in February.

In the January Challenge the team managed to lose 91.5lb!!! Thats 6st 7.5lb.

The February Spread sheet can be found here:

The April Spread sheet can be found here:

If your name isn't on it and you think it should be or would like to join please let me know as I have removed a few people who were MIA.

There are no rules as such, just do your best on the plan and come here when you fancy a chat, need support, want to rant and obviously when you have had weigh in to let us know your result.

Ikkle x
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Well having had a yoyo few weeks of losing a lb putting a lb on etc I have been 100% this week and have managed to lose 8lb :D Will be sticking to it from now on now as I want a holiday in June.

Well done to those losers and sts-ers xx


yo-yo dieter no more!
For some reason I can't access the spreadsheet, but I'd like to join please:)

I lost 3LB this week and am hoping for a good loss next week too:D


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Well done nikki.

sorry you couldnt see the spread sheet I'd not edited the privacy settings lol - im a muppet. You should be able to see it now. xx


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Race for life - just signed up for Race for life and wondered if any other weighty matey's were doing it?


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8 LBS Ikkle? :eek: Phwooarrrr, you are well back on track hunny, that's fantastic :D

I can't access the spreadsheet, would you mind having a look at it again when you have a minute? Thank you (and sorry for the hassle) :)

Well done to Nikki, too! 3 lb is a great loss. :greenapple:

B. xx


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hmmm, when I click on the link I get to the Google Doc page and it asks for email and password... :cry:


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just tried again and it's working now, thank you Ikkle :D
B. xx
Thats wierd then, could you see the last one? I don't know why you can't see it because when I am not signed in I can get it up so you should be able to. How very random lol. will see if I can sort out something else hun for ya xx

This was posted before the other one - or im losing the plot :rolleyes::confused::rolleyes::p:rolleyes: :confused::rolleyes::eek:
think this happened before - someone congratulated on a weight loss before the loss was actually announced :eek: , spooky

lol, a very entertaining glitch in the system :8855:
B. xx
Hi Ikkle....Ive lost another 4lbs this week, please could you update the sheet for me??
I think a target of 8lbs this month would be achievable.


Well done Mrs V!! A brilliant loss! I'm sure you will smash your target of 8lb!

In reply to the other thread yeah I'm ok ty hun. Glad to be back here and be back on track. I want a 2lb loss this week and then will have hit the 2 stone mark wooooooo x
You will get there Huni!!!!
Hi Ikkle,
I've signed up for the race for life, I did a 1.5 mile run yesterday for the first time. Hopefully as I get lighter it will get easier. LOL

It's my 2nd WI tonight, so I'll post my results in the morning.
Finger crossed it's a good result.
lol Melsy you are braver than me running, I can't even run for a bus yet. I am going to start doing training though which should hopefully boost my weight loss, increase my fitness and make it easier. The walk to college is 5k so I am going to walk that once a week minimum, and I am hoping when it starts warming up outside that I will be able to walk more often. I'm also going to cycle at least once a week and go swimming once a week.

Good luck for weigh in xx
Hi, I have lost 1.5 lb. Not that great, I missed my 2 st mark by 0.5 lb:cry:, sigh. Maybe next week :eek:

Well done on everybody's losses. MrsV, wow on 4 lb off :)!

Melsi, I could not even run 1.5 yards, leave alone 1.5 miles :eek: :). Respect to everybody who has signed on for the race of life. I am still so indecisive about this. I know it would be for a good cause but have nobody to do this with me. I was on the website and nearly signed on but then I lacked the courage to do it :eek: . I will see if there is someone at work who would like to join me...

Have a great week all :)
B. xx
Hi B, 1.5lb is a really good loss hun! Next week you will get your 2 stone sticker.

I am doing Race for Life alone, don't have anyone to do it with. It's my stepdads birthday same day so everyone is using that as an excuse lol. My little brother said he might come and go round with me just to keep me company which is sweet cos he is only 10 and he said he wants to take a picture of me getting my medal. :)

Will go update the spread sheet. We still seem to be missing people but they will pop up when and if they need to.

I don't know if anyone has seen a thread on the main board about BMR? Well its a diet all based on calorie intake and a special formula. Anyhow I thought I would have a look at it as it is how my dad lost loads of weight and according to my height and weight I would need to eat 2700 calories a day to stay the same size! So while having a Green day I kept a note of the calories I ate and even though I have eaten loads I only used 1176 calories. Well the BMR thing says for every 3500 calories less you have you lose 1lb so if I have the same as I did today tomorrow and Wednesday I will lose 1lb. seems too much hardwork to me lol.

I'm contemplating tomorrow whether to make smash pizza or whether to use a wm roll and make a pizza out of that. Will probably change my mind again tomorrow though lol x
Thank you Ikkle, I admire your courage to do this on your own. And aawwwh, bless your little brother. So sweet of him :) .

Generally I am happy with the 1.5 loss. I will be good this week and get my 2 st award next week. I did not know about this BMR thingy but have done calorie counting in the past. It defo works but is time consuming and you are constantly aware you are on a diet. With SW I don't have that feeling at all as I can eat so much without having to count (and as you said, we do eat loads but have a low calorie intake so why bother counting? SW has done this all for us :)).
Smash pizza sounds nice (drools over keyboard here :D). Have not tried it myself yet (I would probably go for the wm roll pizza, oh I can be so lazy at times :eek:)

Maybe some of the missing Mateys will turn up soon? Hope you are all ok girls? If for whatever reason you fell off the wagon, now is the best time to re-join ;)

I updated my profile with the new loss and just realised that I am a 10%er now (although have not achieved my 2 st yet), yay :bliss:

B. xx

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