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Teddy67s Food Diary

B: large mug cappuccino, Dukan galette made with 15g oat bran, topped dollop ff fromage frais and teaspoon Gogi berries

L: 240g salmon fillets (blackened), tomatoes roasted (1.5) with herbs and balsamic, roasted pepper (1) shallot (1.5)

Snack: 2 oat bran cookies - 15g oatbran

D: lean steak, pak choi, beansprouts, miso soup, chicken stock (ramen style dish)

Very bad day for fluids 1l water (with sugar free squash) - 2 large cups of tea! Will aim for another water b4 bed.
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Second entry in my food diary

PP day

B: Scrambled Egg & cappuccino
Mid morning snack: mug tea +2 x oat bran cookie (15g bran)
L: Slices beef, ham, smoked salmon & a 0.1%actimel
Mid afternoon snack: as morning
D: turkey breast steak, burger, egg
Yesterdays food - am up 1lb this morning - probably natural fluctuations - hopefully anyways...

Full month into diet now - 9lbs gone (well 8 if you add back the 1lb back on this morning)

B: Cappuccino, gallette with extra dollop yoghurt and 15g Gogi berries
L: 2 egg Omelette with 1 rasher back bacon (opps) and 1 mushroom
Mid-afternoon snack (after exercise): small skinny cappuccino + 1 burger wrapped in lettuce with slice tomato and slice gherkin
D: 2x burgers as above
Evening snack - as hungry and check showed only 900 cals so far! 200g fromage frais sweetened with splenda, mixed spice and couple drops vanilla extract.

Also not enough water yesterday.


** Chief WITCH **
Tell me about your morning cappaccino... skinny I'm presuming? and smallish?

Your menu doesn't look very protein heavy. Your burgers are home cooked, low fat? You certainly seem to like them ;)
Hi Maintainer,
My morning cappuccinos are definitely skinny - but not too small ? prob my full 250ml allowance of milk - so the odd day I have a second I now realise am going over - as didn't realise milk had a 250ml limit within the 1kg diary.

The burgers are frozen - just on a cheap eat this week. They are pretty low carb and fairly low fat for pre-bought burgers - "tesco new York style burgers". And very thin hence need a few to feed self up :)

Thanks for checking my diary - obs always welcomed.
Menu (Thurssday)

B: Cappuccino
FF fromage frais 1tbls oat bran 1tbls Gogi berries
L: Nandos quarter chicken - no skin & chicken livers
Snack: 2burgers (as mentioned above)
D: 2burgers, galette (made with rest oatbran) topped dollop fromage frais
Menu (Friday)

Late Breakfast due to blood tests this morning - free nhs health assessment next week.
Starbucks Grande Skinny Cappuccino with sugar free hazelnut syrup + took galette with me.

L: 3 egg omelette (ham, pepper, mushroom, spring onion)

D: Turkey casserole (tin tomatoes, mushrooms, leek, onion, splash red wine)
Saturdays Food Diary

B: galette and large skinny cappuccino
L: scrambled egg (2), glass spicy tomato juice
D: (out) 9oz skirt steak; roasted portabello mushroom; 1/2 roasted tomato, nutmeg savoy cabbage, few celery sticks, small cappuccino - asked for skinny not sure though - was def minute.
Sunday Food Diary:

B: large skinny cappuccino, 2 eggs scrambled
L: (picnic) 2x boiled eggs, thinly sliced roast beef, galette, salmon steak
D: ? Not sure yet! As lunch huge and eaten in two stints
Teddy67 said:
Sunday Food Diary:

B: large skinny cappuccino, 2 eggs scrambled
L: (picnic) 2x boiled eggs, thinly sliced roast beef, galette, salmon steak
D: ? Not sure yet! As lunch huge and eaten in two stints
D: 200g 0% total, 10g Gogi berries, mixed spice, splenda
B: 150g total yoghurt & mixed spice
S: thinly sliced roast chicken
L: 1/2 hot chicken supermarket deli - no skin
S: - just making oat bran muffins for first time - fingers-crossed they come out OK
D: salmon steak
Tuesday - official weigh-in day - up a 1lb:-(
Have been up 3 during week so could have been worse.
No sign of TOTM either again so might not have been that...
Might have been 2 days PV in a row - at least 2 PPs have got me down to just 1lb up so now 8lbs lost in 5 weeks


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Hi Teddy! Being nosy here - but any chance of pregnancy? + Do you feel like your choices are high in salt? They look like they might be and that can give the appearance of a stall. Sometimes the cappuccinos are the culprit, so you could try a few days without them and see if that makes the weight start to drop. Good luck!
Have noted that my fluid intake these past few days is back to being almost non-existent - message to myself here to try harder - off to get myself a drink right now in fact - as realised I am thirsty!..
10pm and am famished so going to have some sweetened fat free yoghurt.

B: Skinny cappuccino & oat bran muffin
S: Black coffee & oat bran muffin
L: Two bowlfuls homemade chicken & veg soup
D: Cottage Pie (off recipe thread) 250g mince
Late Eve snack will b the yoghurt
So as per other thread have just noticed been eating wheat bran for last three days not oat bran - hopefully when I am stock up again on oat bran the weight will start to come off again!

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