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Tefal Actifry v SW chips

A couple of questions. For anyone who has or has had an Actifry, how do the chips compare to SW ones?

Secondly, I have read many a review on the Actifry and I do realise there are issues and some people have had bad experiences.

Does anyone know if it can be purchased with an extended warranty?

Of course it is a lot more than just a chip maker and I'm sure fry light can be added rather than oil?
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I have an actifry and I LOVE it!! :) And it's not just chips you can do in there, I do sausages, casseroles and all kinds of stuff in it. But I love the chips, specially with some salt/pepper sprinkles on before cooking.
How long have you had it as the main concern seems to be the longevity (or lack of) of this product?

Hence the extended warranty question - I normally wouldn't extend a warranty, but this product it seems warrants it!

Anyone else?
It's not the cost tbh Lisa, I know how well it works, and my SW chips are not yum but I over-par boiled them previously. Perhaps next time I'll get it right:rolleyes:

Re: the Actifry. It is only the reliability issue that concerns me - I've no doubt as to its quality (not just for chips by the way) but want more than 12 months out of it.


Just doing it this time
don't parboil the SW chips - I just put em in the oven and they cook lovely.
Hi all , I have an actifry - had it for over a year. My first 'paddle broke so i got a free one from tefal ... then that one snapped aswell. We had tried using it but because the chips dont move , the heat was drying them out .. worse than the sahara desert !!.
Couldnt eat them at all !!
So last sunday I just googled Tefal paddle and the online store of Belstar electrics came up and they do loads of spare parts for lots of electrical items. So i found my paddle - cost me 21 quid and i received it 2 days later !!. Havent had chips though !.
But at least I know where i can get it from cheap if it goes again
Oh and i do think its good xx
Purchased one with 3 year warranty (£24.99) bought it on my Argos card with £10 off and was surprised to find I had £50 on my Nectar card - so just £92 on buy now pay later.

Justifies the purchase a little ;)

Although I had had all my days allowance for today, I could not resist making some chips in the new gadget! I was really decadent as used Sunflower Oil in the machine and did 250g of chips - just for testing purposes.

They looked absolutely delicious and I tasted one! - just the one lol. can only mirror what many others have said - absolutely amazing taste and texture. They took a good 25 minutes but no par boiling and no preheated oven and furthermore no having to turn them. I binned the rest of them - so happy with my new-found will power lol.

Of course next time I use the Actifry, it will be with fry light instead of the oil. I just wanted to test it out. Tomorrow it will be doing chicken breasts - SW style:cool:
YEY!! Try doing roast potatoes sometime, spray with fry light and add some salt/pepper.. beautiful with sunday lunch!


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Ooo bargain, I was going to get one a few months ago but was put off by the reviews, didn't think about extending the warrenty. Might have to put it on my christmas list.
I've been attempting sw chips for years and i've never got them right, i tend just to make wedges now, they are not much better though.
YEY!! Try doing roast potatoes sometime, spray with fry light and add some salt/pepper.. beautiful with sunday lunch!
I did them today! just a few halved. Not sure how long they need to be cooked for though as it was my first attempt. I was also boiling potatoes for mash as well as making my own Yorkshire's lol - I managed 8 puddings for the 15 syns - similar to Aunt Bessies, but made myself.

Back to the roasties... I kept adding a few minutes to further brown them and keep warm while waiting for the rest.

Oh, and to the poster who asked what else can be done? - all root vegetables can be used, in fact fruit can also be put in there as well as making dips etc. prawns, sausages, (pricked) chicken, meat etc. It is not merely an expensive chip maker.

So easy to clean too:cool:

The Lakeland site has some recipes for the Actifry as well as the small book that comes with it.

As well as using the slightest bit of oil, spray light or spray light butter can be used instead (free).

Early days yet, but I look forward to trying a few more things. It is truly healthy - irrespective of the cost issue. - So far so good.

oops, just to confirm, fry light is sprayed on the Teflon plate and also the food - as per the oven. The food is rotated and turned by the Actifry.


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I had mine for a year and loved it but it blew up and didnt think it was worth getting mended but I like the idea of an extended warranty, thanks will look into it.
So if you were to cook chicken in it then, say chicken breast, what will it be like?? A deep fried taste? Sorry if I sound think, just trying to work it out, lol
According to the instructions (wow a bloke and I read them) chicken breast are best sliced into thin pieces - presumably to cook correctly..

For anyone else interested in using for more than just chips, I have included the link with the recipes - the booklet of recipes come free with the machine.

Tefal® Actifry recipes - Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware

Not just a chip maker as you can see.:)

Hope it helps anyone wavering.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
But it is fair to say that if you are tempted to buy one only get if if you can can extended warranty as so many only work for just over a year, having said that they are a fantastic bit of kit. Just ordered my second one !!!!

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