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Tefal actifry

I have one and i love the chips or potato wedges in it, they go really crispy and i wouldnt be without mine now. i have tried cooking bolognase in it but it was horrid lol

oil would work out to 4 propoints for a tbsp which is what the green spoon is, so between 4 thats not to bad for the oil. Some people just use fry light in it although i have never tried this

i also cook my roast potatoes in it too and they are tasty and crispy. the only draw back is it take 45 minutes to cook the chips and you have to make sure the potatoes are washed and dried really well or they dont crisp up.
i would recommend getting one but that is just my opinion


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I bought one last month and its awesome. I did sausages in ita few days ago and they were lovely, didn't add any oil, had no split skins and lovely colour and i didn't have to watch them like a hawk like when i fry them. I have learnt that they type of potato is important, always just used to get baking potatos but makes a massive difference using maris piper.


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Just to add, I have had mine for almost 2 years now and I love it (along with all my other gadgets!) I have never put oil in it only ever fry light. Oven chips are THE best when done in the actifry!

I have one too and wonder what life was like without it. I love roast potatoes and chips in the actifry. One tablespoon of oil between 4 is only 1 propoint and for chips it is WELL worth it.

I haven't tried frylight but I will give it a try tomorrow :)

I have many kitchen gadgets that gather dust, but this one doesn't
i want one now,,whats the points when not using pro points??
If memory serves me right, a tablespoon is 15mls which is 2 points on the old eating plan. Divided by 4 as this will serve 4 people, is 0.5 a point. I would chip my spuds, weigh them, point them, then divide the points by four.
thanks guys,,i seriously want one now!!!
Just seen an advert on televison, they are reduced to £109 in Currys.
I really shouldn't read these types of threads 'cause I'm a sucker for a new kitchen appliance.

Since starting WW I ditched the deep fat fryer and I've been cooking wedges and potates, cut up and seasoned, on a tray in the oven with a spray of lite oil but they don't cook very evenly as I don't have a particularly good oven.

I see Currys have the actifry on offer for £109 at the moment.
i bought one today,,went in for a hoover and couldnt resist the actifry,,well i did i bought the hoover,,left the shop went for a coffee and could hear the actifry call me,,so went back in and bought it:) it's on now with some chips
there is a coupon for one in this months monthly pass leaflet but it still works out at £107 the only place I saw it cheaper at £89. was Costco earlier in the year

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