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Tefal Actifry

A lot of foods you can cook with no oil or spraylight! - usually frozen stuff like frozen chips, nuggests, scampi, etc. as they are full of oil.

My vote goes with the HEX B extra virgin olive oil - or 3 syns for a half-spoon.
I use frylight in mine. I feel using a hex as oil is a bit of a waste for me when I'm sooo addicted to bread! And it means I can have chip butties! Works just as well as oil x


Slimming tortoise :o)
I use the Fry Light buttery to roast veggies and make SW chips and they are lovely :D

I don't use anything at all if I am doing sausage or chicken and chips as there's enough fat (even in a skinny half syn Morrisons banger!) to brown them all off.

TBH I would rather use a HExB on something other that fat/oil - I simply don't miss it - indeed I used to dry fry most of my foods even before SW - I HATE greasy food :yuk:

I case your wondering - it was my several sweet teeth that caused me to need this diet :8855:, not fatty foods as it is with many.

I love my Actifry as you can do much more with it and I regularly make chillis, curries, casseroles etc as well as use it for "frying/roasting".
I like the ev olive oil for chips but you don't have to use anything.I often put sausages/burgers in with the chips and then they cook beautifully without anything being added. Done it with just naked chips as well and cooked fine.
Well I finally got round to trying it with frylight (not a fan of it generally as seems very artificial/chemically :confused:) and they came out quite dry? I sprayed a lot at the start and half way through but were still nice but will probably stick to EVOL (I do green so have an extra HexB). BTW do you syn frylight if you use a lot of it? as presumably the 1syn = 20 calories rule would apply?

I tell you what is great though, I hadn't used my hexA yesterday and was making chips for tea so decided to try adding 42g reduced fat grated cheddar in at the end and it was LUSH!!!!!! :D

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