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Tell me about your Cambridge Diet journey!



Talks too much
well it started off with a boyzone one when i was about 13 and since then ive bought dozens. now i buy at least one a week and listen to my favourites repeatedly in the car on the way to work and back. thats my CD journey anyway....
A sensible reply from Delli as always :D


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
lol took me a while to work out what you was on about delli
thought who the hell would go to a boyzone concert, lol


Gone fishing
Why are you here?
I'll change that to Why did I start the diet, cos I wasn't here when I started it. In fact minimins wasn't here either:p

I started it because I couldn't cope with living in my body any longer. I think when you are younger, it's about clothes and peer pressure. When you are older, it's more about backache, tired feet, in fact tired living. It was a struggle to get through the day.

Because I had done everything else many times. I had spent a lifetime of dieting. I was fed up with plateauing and weight coming off so slowly. I was ready for a change. I wanted another chance to maintain. A rebirth if you like. I wanted to be 'normal'. I didn't want to do a diet, but I did want to get to a normal weight so I could try to get it right. It had to be CD because I knew that I would lose confidence with yet another slow loss diet.
How are you finding it?
How did I find it? Brilliant! It does what it says on the packet. No more plateaus, one stone a month, everything I needed to keep me healthy. A dream come true really. The rest was up to me.

It wasn't a perfect journey. Sometimes I felt like it was one step back and two forward, but I knew that it something had to change. I couldn't go on like I was, and the results proved that being slimmer was going to be possible.

You know Leah. Probably sound like a Mother here but I'll use the old cliche 'if only I knew then what I know now' ;)

I've wasted so many years chasing the pounds...doing yet another diet....losing the plot. What a twit I was. If only...if only...I had sorted it when I was younger and had kept it off then.

I love being slimmer and I feel sad for those people who have chosen to take the path I took for 35-40 years. Life is too precious and you know how wonderful our bodies are. Wonder why we mistreat them so.
Thank you for a wise and sensible reply :) xxx


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
why am i here?

well on minimins for the witty banter of course

losing weight for health reasons, cos of my wee girl, need a heck of a lot of energy to cope with her and at this size i just dont have it, cos im sick of having to buy what ever fits and not what might look good ( when i was a 32 nothing looked good ) and cos someday i would love to find a partner sick of being alone ( bloke im seing at the mo is doing my nut in always asking how the diets going grrrr )

why cd?
cos ive tried all diets known to man plus have taken the tablets docs given me ( including the one now suspected to cause mental health probs ) and have managed to gain weight on most while following it

no suprises on cd, follow the instructions, 3 packs and ur water and the weight comes off at an uplifting rate, love to send clothes to the charity shops cos there too big, love discovering shops that sell clothes i now fit into ( asda and newlook are recent finds! )

how am i finding it?

first time was a breeze loved it but i was leaving all my shakes till after 7pm ( hence the collapses and the low blood sugars when testing - yes i really am that stupid! further tests showed am still insulin resistant not diabetic )

this time round have split my packs and had something every few hours, felt apsolutly fine, slight headache but very managable, no hunger either.
had a lil wobble thursday after a 2 day assesment on wee girl, 2 days of being told very negative things and i lost the plot a bit so have bought a book on emotional eating and binge eating, hoping it might help me work things out.
either way am in it for the long haul and will get to goal, will get into a size 10 and will love how i look in the mirror!
Why? - as most people on here I was just fed up of living in my own body. I want to look and feel as young as my hobby and my new job require... Had a shocking experience when I got weighed the year before last and I was almost 20 stone. Couldn't believe it. Took me another 18months to find CD and the funding to do it.
Love CD...the fast results is what motivated me most. I have lost almost 6 stone in 5 month and that is incredible. Couldn't have done it figuring out points, sins or whatever else. (did try...)

Still have 3.5 stone to go but maintaining at the moment due to money reasons. Will restart 1st August (hopefully...)



Gone fishing
Thank you for a wise and sensible reply :) xxx
You're welcome. There are so few sensible people around these days, that I have to show willing on occasion. When I read messages on your threads I can't help but reminded of good old Kipling (no...not the baker!). "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs" Such wise words. :cool:

aaahhh a sensible answer at last from our very own guru. hey KD, long time no speak! hope ur ok hun.
Yep. Hunky dorey thankyou. Doing the school reports. Done 150...just 200 more to go:clap: Should take another 7 months, but have to be in on Monday, so might have to précis :D Any volunteer help greatly received :D
Why Diet?
Fed up with being the 'fat bloke', wearing crap clothes, cos nothing really fits and much not available in larger sizes anyway, looking even more crap with no clothes ;-), finding it a struggle to do anything energetic, lacking energy, lacking confidence, feeling embarrassed by by size (and the lack of discipline/care/self-respect that implies), worried about health - someone I knew my age (52) died from a heart attack a few months ago, struggling to fit into those fixed size cafe tables/airplane seats, and just lots of stuff that you shouldn't have to worry about!

Why CD?
With quite a few stone to lose, I needed to get the job done in a reasonable time-frame or I know I'd lose the will to carry on. I also like the 'no thinking about it' approach - just follow the rules and it works.

How has it been?
No real problems (apart from some constipation once or twice). Haven't felt hungy, and I'm just determined to do this - and after 12 weeks I'm well over half way and feeling great. Family and friends (even my clients) are very supportive and encouraging, and birthday presents have been put on hold so they can buy me some new clothes when I reach target! For me, it was the only way I could do this and I wish I'd realised that a lot sooner!

Good luck to everyone else doing this journey. And don't cheat!


going to do it this time!
My story..
Always been overweight.. tried every single diet going to be honest.. weight watchers, slimming world, atkins & slimfast!! none of them worked really.. i would loose 1lb here 2lb there.. & i wanted somethiing alot faster to motivate me more!!
About 4/5 months ago.. i watched "half a ton mum" on channel 4.. recorded it, cried the whole way through, i could just see myself ending up like that in a few years & it was horrible. I researched cambridge on the internet for about 2 weeks.. found a councellor near me, who i think i connected with straight away & made an appointment to see her.
My first week i lost 6lb, second week 8lb.. the weight loss is fantastic on CD, and it DOES work!!
This diet for me.. has been an experience, a life changing one.. i feel sooo determind to get to where i want to be, because i know once i'm there, i'm never going back!!! x
I'm on day 2 again....been here a few times. Furthest i've ever gotten is 16 days - so help me stay on the straight and narrow!

Tell me your stories guys....Why are you here?
I found mini's before i started cd was just googling cd and im soo glad i did i love minis excellent support and lovely friendly people i have been trying to lose for yrs so sick of been fat and frumpy. has gotton me soo down. However i see a end now that im on cd and i hope that i will make it to goal some day :)

Why CD?
well it has quick results and i dont have to think about what to eat etc

How are you finding it?g
1st time easy peasy what a breeze now that i messed up with breaks etc very very hard...but in saying that i saw that i gained a stone back that i lost that has given me motivation to keep going i do not want to be a size 26 ever again

Love Leah xx
Best of luck with cd leah :) :)


Finally a size 12!
Why Diet?
I was sick of being the known as the cuddley one out of my mates. Sick of getting depressed everytime i went shopping when for a young girl of 24 shopping should be a pleasure. Sick of hiding when ever anyone got a camera out. Sick of having arguments with my O/H cause i had no confidence and thinking he deserved someone better. Sick of avoiding nights and days out with friends as i thought i was big and fat! Sick of the constant ill health due to my junk food diet

Why CD?
Tried almost all diets going so thought why not. Real a lot of success storys about CD and thought it seemed the one with the best varitey

How has it been?
Been great watching myself transform into the person I always wanted to be. Had hard times and do miss eating out with friends and O/H but i realise im doing this for me and whats 5/6 months out of my life for a lifetime of feeling good. No real bowel or health problems so far with the diet (touch wood!) Had a few slip ups but now on the straight and narrow

I love this diet and would recommend it to anyone. And to anyone who is thinking of starting and have friiends and family that disagree look at them and think have they ever battled with a weight issue probably not. Go for it it will totally change your life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)
Thank you for your brilliant replies. I'm connecting with you all, and it's suprising to see that the real reason we're all here is just to be happy with ourselves :)

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