tell me wat i should have


I ate my willpower!
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How about a glass of wine and one of those Green and Blacks mini chocolate bars?


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How about a glass of wine and a bag of crisps?

Mrs V

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Depends what day you are on Hun!
Personally I love a Mullerlite vanilla yog and a banana - sad I know!!
Go with the flow, wine and chocolate!! Lol



Where's Skinny Minnie?
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A toblerone (chocolate bar size not duty free size) is only 9 syns and lasts me most of the night.
I've only had 2 syns today so I'm going to have 175ml of red wine in front of the tv (7 syns).


i love minimins me :)
hahaha this sounds like an aa board! i think i might go for chocolate, H2B will be in soon so i will get him to go to the shops and find me sumthin tasty! I had lunch out on tue so had way over my syns so havent had any syns on wed n thurs to make up so am excited to have my syns back today :)



i love minimins me :)
am going for a mars bar :D frozen n sliced it will last me ages!!! i no its 14 syns n i normally only have 10 but since we can have up to 15 n i aint had any on wed n thur



i love minimins me :)
aww thanx hun :D it was lush and so worth it!!!!

am going food shoppin today so i think i might get some treat size bars in :D