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  1. gaijingirl

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    Well so far I haven't told many people. All my dieting friends know about it (mostly on WWers). Because of the great people they are, they are all very supportive even though some don't really approve.

    I haven't told any of my family yet. I think they will be supportive, but they will also be worried. Also, they'll be pissed off because we do a lot of eating out together. My "living in sin"-laws have us over for meals lots and love cooking for us. I mentioned to my boyfriend's father that I'm on a diet and he said he would only cook "healthy" food from now on! I'm going to have to come clean but I'm hoping to be able to do it after I've already lost a good bit of weight, so they can see that it's not so mad after all!

    But what is hardest is telling friends who don't have weight issues. I told one of my closest girlfriends today and I don't think she understands. Actually her reply (we spoke about it on email) was reasonably positive but I can tell she's not that keen - I'm off to spend the weekend with her and I'm a bit worried about it. Even more worried because her husband is one of the least tolerant people I know and will definitely launch some kind of scathing attack!

    I can understand because I've always been of the "take it off slowly and sensibly" camp - and disdainful of "crash diets". However, I really do feel like this time I can get somewhere. THEN try and eat sensibly again!

    How do you tell people? What do you tell people? Especially when it seems like you're doing a big U-Turn?
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    Well we are not responsible for how people behave and they are also entitled to their opinions.

    If you stand firm and say you are doing this for now as this is what is making you happy and that you feel okay and thank them for their concerns.

    You could try and explain the diet to them that basically it is like baby formula in that it provides the body with all essential nutrients, minus the carbs.

    That it is proven to reduce high blood pressure and is now set to be the biggest diet in the fight against obesity, because it works.

    I find it very interesting that people think nothing of shoving a bottle of baby formula into a new born baby instead of breast milk:rolleyes:

    Once people saw how much weight I had lost I have to say they could not be more supportive and I have not met with any negativity...but then I was very fat:(
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    I have been very lucky too as my friends and family have been very supportive. Some people did have a lot of questions about how the diet worked and if it was healthy etc. I told them that my doctor was happy for me to do it and that in the long term the health benefits of being 7 stone (hopefully when I reach goal!!) lighter would be enormous.

    I told anyone who asked that the diet was healthy, that I was getting all of the essential vitams and nutrients that my body needed, that I would be drinking plenty of water, (something that we should all do but don't,) and that if I became unwell through doing the diet then I would stop.

    I found it easier for me to tell people because then I didn't have to try and have my packs in secret or avoid social situations where I would be expected to eat. When friends see the weight coming off hopefully they will support you.

    Don't let people talk you out of the diet though, remember their opinions of it will not usually be based on any actual knowledge. If you are happy with the diet and feeling well on it, then stick with it and hopefully as they see it working, without any adverse side effects, they will get behind you. You never know, some of them might even join you!!

    Good Luck.

  5. kazz

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    Hiya I kinda know how you feel, my family will flip when they find out about this cos they are just so so soooo food orientated. I am hoping that by the time I see them at Christmas I will have lost enough weight for them to notice and understand that its ok, and its working for me. TBH, I'm only on day 9 of CD now, and am feeling great..maybe my body has gotten rid of all the toxins lol

    None of my friends have weight problems, although some have suffered from eating disorders, so when they find out I am not expecting a lot of support since they have no idea how it feels to be so overweight that you need to resort to a VLCD to lose it...

    I am hoping thats when all mine freak out they will be doing it purely out of ignorance and once its explained to them they'll be ok!!
  6. chicken on a mission

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    I was lucky because my doctor was the one that recommended LL to me after a health scare at the begining of May.

    So I made sure that I told everyone that mattered that I was on a doctor recommended weight loss programme and that given it had got to the stage where the doctor suggested something so drastic, I needed their help and support because my future health depended on it - or something like that, you get the drift :D
  7. gaijingirl

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    Hmmm that seems like good advice. :) The doctor referral thing worked very well with my OH who latched very quickly onto that fact and somehow managed to get the idea - all by himself - that it is an NHS run diet!

    Now, of course, he knows it's not but he's seen that it's ok and things are going well and I'm happy.

    I think I will play up the "doctor referral" thing with my mum and OH's parents too.

    Christmas and NYE will be slightly tricky, but I'm sure it will be fine! They'll get over it... :D
  8. Shrinking Nicky

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    Oh Mini you struck a chord then, I know some people do "decide" to feed baby a bottle but a lot of people try desperately (I am one of those people) to give breast milk. When DD was born I ended up staying in hospital an extra 3 days as she would not latch on, & when I came out I expressed solidly for a month to ensure she got the best possible, however she always took it from a bottle & not directly from me (so if you saw me out you would not know any differently)...I know you did not mean anything but you sometimes don't know what turmoil a woman goes through before having to feed from a bottle.......

    Sorry - moan over:eek:

    Nicky :) :) (happy again!!!)
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