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Ten 2 go...


Just a quick intro before work...been hovering for a while and reading this site, and have now decided to join in instead of just watching others lose weight.

As the name suggests I've got ten stone to lose as at today. I'm starting SS today. I can't say that my head is in the right place as I'm very down on myself at the mo, but I'm hoping that this diary will serve as my therapy and that I can get to a more positive place.

I want to take it a stone at a time and watch that number come down.

Wish me luck!
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hi chrissy. welcome to minis and good luck with ssing. it really does work!! stick with it through the first week, which can be a bit nasty, and the weeks that follow will motivate you to continue. week by week the pounds pile off!! i couldn't recommend it more :)

abz xx


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Hi Chrissy, and thanks for delurking - I can understand the desire to :hide: but we're all here to help!! Just remember, lots of water, get your packs down, and once you're in ketosis the weight will be falling off you. That ten stone will be gone in no time :hug99:
Thank you Abz and Dq ;) I appreciate your encouragement.

Managed to get through today inspite of it being ridiculously busy at work, but at least I didnt think about food! Had two shakes when I got in and starting to feel bit hungry now, but I keep swigging water to stop me hetting tempted.

I've been thinking about a wedding that I've got to attend in about two weeks that I'm rather embarassed at attending at this size - it will be a bit of a school reunion and to be honest I feel like a failure going there looking like a hippo. So, I think that if I can lose a few pounds by then, maybe drop a size (I can hope), I will feel a little more confident.

:gen157:I've got a holiday in about 7 weeks aswell. Whilst I know I wont be half way to where I need to be, I want to better about myself. This weight has affected my confidence and I want to be able to hold my head high again and I dont want to have to avoid my reflection in the mirror, like I do at the moment.

I've been told to weigh in each day, so that I see the results and it keeps motivating me, so I will check back tomorrow with my day one results.

I think my plan is to keep my head down and try and focus entirely on the job at hand, I've been told that men are more successful at dieting because they can do this and stay blinkered. Fingers x'd!!


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I think my plan is to keep my head down and try and focus entirely on the job at hand, I've been told that men are more successful at dieting because they can do this and stay blinkered. Fingers x'd!!
As a CDC I have often found it to be the case - men can be very tunnel-visioned when it comes to this plan. Of course, often they don't have the distractions of children, housework, etc (hark at me digging my grave with my mouth :eek: )

Well done on getting through today :clap:
Thanks Dq :)

Feel happy that day one is over. Jumped on the scales and there was a 9lb difference, which was a bit of a shock. Pleased though, I have hope for the next few days and weeks now.


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Hi there Chrissy. I understand how you feel, it's hard to look into the mirror when you feel bad about yourself. I have about 10st to lose myself, gave up cigs and booze but can't seem to give up the rubbish that's piling the weight on!:rolleyes:

Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey, let us know how you get on. :)
Thanks Lyn :) Good luck on your journey as well!

Am now on day 3 and have lost 11lbs in my first two days... am in a bit of shock on the scales, but glad to see it working, so I'm bot going to complain!!


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Hi Chrissy, cant say more than has been said already other than you are embarking on a life changing event. This diet isnt easy and will test your willpower to the limit but once you start losing it all becomes worth it. A few months of your life and the changes come fast so stick at it. Water, water and more water and dont get constipated, embaressing but painfull and will hinder your weightloss so keep your cdc informed. 1st week is murder but just be strong and look to the future.


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Hi Chrissy, how are you finding the diet? I started again a week ago and am just starting to feel human again!

And well done on your fabulous loss so far....looks like an enormous loss coming for your first week!!! I've 'only' lost 8.5 lb this week but people are already noticing that my face looks slimmer......nice not to feel heavy and bloated too isn't it?


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Hiya Ten2go, how are you doing?? :)

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