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ten year olds!!!

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arghhhh my 10 year old has just asked a girl out in his class on a date to the cinema - help!!! I can't believe he's growing up - at 10 I was still playing with dolls. How do I handle this without looking like a fuddy duddy mum or even worse. I want to be a 'cool mum' who he is comfortable with and I am totally out of my comfort zone watching him grow up. I'm not sure I like this growing up marlarky xx:eek::eek::eek::eek:
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I'd suggest playing it cool and looking at them as being friends, nothing more. I guess you'll be there in the background watching for funny business!!!
My 6 year old son talks about girlfriends but it's all innocent. I can't see it being anything other than that, hopefully!
Yep hard watching them grow old, I want my babies back! lol
I'm only 20 - but I think 10 is far too young for all that! Silly 'so-and-so is going out with so-and-so' is all a bit of fun at that age, and the most they ever do is hold hands one playtime (aaww), but proper dates?! Yeesh, i think thats a bit much. I would point-blank say you think he is a bit young for 'dating', why doesn't she come round for tea or something like that? I would think its not the best idea to encourage dating at such a young age. Kids grow up so fast thesedays!

Wow. I just read back what I wrote - I've turned into my mum.
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I think its just talk at that age. My daughter is 10 and has had one or two 'boyfriends' this year but really they are just friends of the opposite sex.
I wouldnt worry too much about it.
My 7 year old is plannig her wedding at the moment tho I dont think the groom even knows that they are dating LOL
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Gosh 10 !!!! I would not know where to start with that one but I do agree with Clairex. Inviting her to tea sounds a great idea.


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I remember going on a 'date' with my 'boyfriend' at 10 - we went to the pictures too. Our Mums dropped us off, went for a coffee while we watched the film and met us outside again - all completely innocent and above board!

I would treat it like you would any other request to spend time with a friend...

Easy for me to say though, my son is 10 too, but fortunately he's still at the 'girls are yucky' stage!!!
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Good luck with that one! My 10 year old is still at the "girls are friends if they play football" stage! :) On the other hand, I'm finding it sooo hard to buy Christmas pressies for him this year, he's either too old for some things, but too young for others! Eeekkk!
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thanks for all the comments. I'm ok about it really after all they are just going to see a U film in the pictures and yes I think for both of them it really is a case of they are just friends who happen to be a boy and a girl rather than proper boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. I think it was just the realisation that he is growing up, and the fact that reading all your views I would have especially agreed with clairex until it actually happened. On the other hand I am looking at his Christmas present list and he has asked for monsters inc and monsters verses aliens dvd so he's maybe not growing up too quickly after all...


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