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ten year olds!!!

arghhhh my 10 year old has just asked a girl out in his class on a date to the cinema - help!!! I can't believe he's growing up - at 10 I was still playing with dolls. How do I handle this without looking like a fuddy duddy mum or even worse. I want to be a 'cool mum' who he is comfortable with and I am totally out of my comfort zone watching him grow up. I'm not sure I like this growing up marlarky xx:eek::eek::eek::eek:
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I'd suggest playing it cool and looking at them as being friends, nothing more. I guess you'll be there in the background watching for funny business!!!
My 6 year old son talks about girlfriends but it's all innocent. I can't see it being anything other than that, hopefully!
Yep hard watching them grow old, I want my babies back! lol
I'm only 20 - but I think 10 is far too young for all that! Silly 'so-and-so is going out with so-and-so' is all a bit of fun at that age, and the most they ever do is hold hands one playtime (aaww), but proper dates?! Yeesh, i think thats a bit much. I would point-blank say you think he is a bit young for 'dating', why doesn't she come round for tea or something like that? I would think its not the best idea to encourage dating at such a young age. Kids grow up so fast thesedays!

Wow. I just read back what I wrote - I've turned into my mum.
I think its just talk at that age. My daughter is 10 and has had one or two 'boyfriends' this year but really they are just friends of the opposite sex.
I wouldnt worry too much about it.
My 7 year old is plannig her wedding at the moment tho I dont think the groom even knows that they are dating LOL
Gosh 10 !!!! I would not know where to start with that one but I do agree with Clairex. Inviting her to tea sounds a great idea.


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I remember going on a 'date' with my 'boyfriend' at 10 - we went to the pictures too. Our Mums dropped us off, went for a coffee while we watched the film and met us outside again - all completely innocent and above board!

I would treat it like you would any other request to spend time with a friend...

Easy for me to say though, my son is 10 too, but fortunately he's still at the 'girls are yucky' stage!!!
thanks for all the comments. I'm ok about it really after all they are just going to see a U film in the pictures and yes I think for both of them it really is a case of they are just friends who happen to be a boy and a girl rather than proper boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. I think it was just the realisation that he is growing up, and the fact that reading all your views I would have especially agreed with clairex until it actually happened. On the other hand I am looking at his Christmas present list and he has asked for monsters inc and monsters verses aliens dvd so he's maybe not growing up too quickly after all...


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