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terrible day yesterday

Hiya well I blew 5 weeks of low carbs yesterday due to drinking to muchh gin on Friday night and I'm gutted I had a few chips some crisps n chocolate :( I am now dreading the scales am back in the zone today but I'm gutted does anyone know how this blip is gonna affect me ? From a very disapointed shelly x
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I don't reckon you'll have done too much damage.

Take a tip out of LadyFelsham's book and drink drink drink as much water as you can to flush everything out. And no treats today either! :)

Even if it does stall you temporarily, put it in perspective. From your stats you've already lost 11lb that you should be proud of! It might only take an extra week for you to get to your target. :)
Hiya cheers michael I've lost 14lb upto know just not updated and I am deffo back in the zone again yesterday was 1 St day in 5 weeks I've not gone of track ! Have deffo learnt my lesson now the gin is gonna stay well n truly hidden for a few weeks now lol
You'll be fine. You might not lose this week as your body needs to get back into ketosis to start burning fat again, but once it does that you'll be off again. Just stay on the wagon and off the booze ;)
Ha ha thanks rosebud I intend to I've got a big night out in a few weeks and want to wear a posh Frock lol ! So due to my blip I will start in ketosis again with the metally taste is that right ?? Damn u gin and damn u badhangover for making me weak grrr lol x


This is for life
Seems like alcohol is evil - shame it tastes so good! Hang in there lean and green and it will all sort out :)
We've all been there and done that Shelly, don't beat yourself up, just get back on track and stay clean and green
Cheers jim I have been to the flicks with my kids today and controled myself ha ha I'm right back on track lol
i wouldnt worry hun its done now u cant change it so dont beat yourself up everyone makes mistakes! i doubt it will do much damage and you know it will come off very quick, keep going and forget it ever happened :) x


A thin person in disguise
I agree with Bubbles, you are back on track and that is all that matters and you feel good. Well done for getting back on the wagon ;) xx
I know yeah thanks guys it just makes u dead mad with urself dunt it ! I'm just glad I dint make it a weekend thing drawn out to a week like I have done with previous diets and then got that annoyed I have just given up ! I think the support of everyone on this site really helps tho ! So thanks everyone u make a hard journey that little bit easier x x
Hiya well I couldn't resist and weighed myself today I've stayed the same ! Will my carbfest have shown by now or am I still inline fir a nasty shock !!

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