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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by chezz, 9 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    :mad: so mad at myself dad got rushed to hospital last week thought it was is heart but thank the lord its is sugars ok not brill but least he knows how to cope with these change of diet and things they where really good with him but saying that my diet went to the wall so worried about dad i just ate and ate i could hit myself for it back on it today hope nothing else goes wrong this week if it does going to be strong and grab a apple not sweet stuff :cry:
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  3. serafyn

    serafyn Full Member

    ^ yeah it's very easy. Try to have diet jelly handy? Might help xx
  4. CrazyBrit

    CrazyBrit Silver Member

    It's your dad, Chezz. Of course you're going to turn to comfort food when you need some comfort :)

    Don't stress yourself out about it. You care about your father! That's not a crime :D

    You know what you ate was bad for you, but that moment's passed now. Why worry? Just get back into the routine and eat properly :)

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