Tesco Finest Stick Toffee and Nut Ring


I've got one of these sitting in the cupboard and its driving me potty.
I bought it for X-mas and it didn't get eaten (somehow), but I can't bring myself to throw it away, it looks too tasty.

Probably a stupid question but how many Syns would be in it?

Main ingrediants seem to be toffee, butter, suger, more toffee and nuts. Oh, more sugar.

Should I just save up my Syns for a week and eat it at the weekend? Or eat a slither of it every few days and try and palm it off to my sister (who seems to eat what she likes and doesn't put on a bloody thing!)

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It's not listed I'm afraid. Either post the nutritional info and someone can work it out for you or a rough guide would be 20 cals = 1 syn. I would imagine it would be high in syns going by those ingredients.
Personally I would just ditch it but it depends how badly you want to eat it.