Tesco Lettuce

Over Christmas my sister introduced me to Tesco Finest Sweet Dolce Verde lettuce. She meant to get ordinary Romaine lettuce but they had run out, so she got this one instead, although they are a bit more expensive.

They are SO delicious!!! Sweet and crunchy and very moreish. I can just sit and snack on a whole one on its own, but obviously it is great in salads or with dips as well.

The bad news - well they are £1 each. Sorry about that. But they are very big, and surprisingly filling. If you are looking for a superfree snack - this could be it!!

(I never thought I would get so excited about a lettuce!!!)
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I go out and buy a lettuce at least once a month, but never get to eating it and it goes to waste. Really have to force myself to eat it and can't imagine eating it without any dressing!
Well there's lettuce and then there's lettuce.

Icebergs are OK but don't have much flavour on their own. I used to have them with walnut oil, chopped walnuts and grated cheese! (Actually, still do sometimes, with all the syns added, of course!)

I like Little Gems, but find the quality is variable. And Romaine, too. I can eat both without any dressing.

I don't buy bags of salad leaves any more (ecxept for rocket) as I find it is too expensive and goes off very quickly.