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yeah they are...

per 100g
protein 14.4g
carbs 13.8g
of which sugars 0.6g
fat 14.4g
and portion size is 120g
thankyou for your help hunni!! :) xxxx


will hit target this time
no worries :) here you go

7 Syns per package/portion on Green

that's using the meat-free quorny thing as a free food

thankyou hunni! v.much appreciated :) xxxxx


will hit target this time
no probs :) are you a veggie btw? because i think you could have a proper chicken kiev for that many syns :D but obvs not if you're vegetarian hehe

lol nah im not a veggie hun, i just like doin green days as i get more healthy extras and dont like meat that much, only occasionally like for the sw doner kebab and chicken lol never checked the syns on normal ones either! will stick to my chicken style quorn dippers (4syns for 8!) they are in the oven rite now :D xxx
yeah they are, just finished eating them with bbq beans and sw chips, feels so naughty i have them every week lol! my oh loves them too and hes not keen on chicken style quorn so much:) xxx
heinz bbq beans are free :):) yaaaaaaaaaaaaay and they are so nice!! xxx


will hit target this time
oh my gosh really? am missing bbq-flavoury things as i LOOOOVE it! might have to so a sw style kfc with chips dippers beans and corn on the cob :D thanks honey!! x
thats ok, i have it every thursday :D lol making egg fried rice and chinese chicken tonight yay xxx


will hit target this time
oooh that sounds yummy! i just had leftover pasta bake (again haha) with chips and a skinny cow lolly :D was meant to be saving my syns for vodka tonight.. oops!! x
haha pastabake is one of my faves too :) i made a lovely sausage and bacon pastabake it was so yummy! where do u get ur skinny cow lollies hunni? ive never tried them but hear theyr lovely! saving my syns for a hot chocolate (2) and a kit kat (5) :D xxx


will hit target this time
Got them from morrisons but they have them in my asda too! They do big ish ones for 4.5 syns then some smaller ones like mini milks but with choc on for 3 syns (I think) so yummy! Usually £1 for 3 but totally worth it in my opinion xx
ooh yum! im having kfc sw tonite for the first time wat about u? :D xxx


will hit target this time
Me and the boyf are having a curry as we havent had one in ages! Just waiting for it to be delivered omnomnom :D chicken tikka masala and loads of naan bread.. I wonder how many syns hehe?! Xxx
haha im having a naughty night on weds too! gonna keep my calories around 1200, so hopefully continue to lose weight that way, so gonna be boring meals in the daytime! xxx

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