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Tetra's & water??

Hi guys,

I have been doing ss for just over two weeks and i have a lot to lose - weight i mean....lol.

i have only lost 9lbs in twelve days - i was gutted. :cry:

i need some advice if thats ok?

i am having 3 tetra's a day - im having two as hot chocolate - topped up with some water and one just like it is in the pack.

i am drinking between 2.5 and 3 litres of water a day - my question is: do i need to be drinking more water because of the tetra's?

thanks x
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i only ever had the tetra's myself maybe aim for an extra half a litre making it 3.5?? you are ment to drink extra with the briks thou x

But u are doing fine so far and well done on your loss.!
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A Tetra (or 'Brick') is a premade shake, so no need to mix it with water. They come in Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry.
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9lbs in 12 days is a fantastic weightloss!! I think you really need to change your focus regarding what is acceptable weightloss to you (as it slows down after the first couple of weeks) or else you risk making this journey really hard for yourself.

Take care


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Don't be too disheartened, hun. I know it's hard when everyone tells you you'll lose loads in your first week (and 9 pounds is still a lot!) and you don't lose quite as much as you hoped. But the chances are good you'll have another big loss next week too. Sometimes it takes your body a bit longer to catch up than you might expect!

Hang in there - you're doing great! :hug99:
why arent we all just using the 'tetra's' instead of having to make
up the shakes from powder form. i dont think i was offered the
premade ones. sure would make life easier in work.!

and Sarhys, you loss is still alot to be proud of.
yep you are meant to drink more water if you just have tetras as they dont contain as much , I would try for an extra litre a day

and dee I dont have tetras as i find they taste very strong and dont like the chemically aftertaste , some people love them though !
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I was 19stone 4 and I only lost 9lbs after 11 days. half of week ones weightloss is just water and not fat and different people hold differing amounts of water in their body. I would say as long as you are losing your doing good even if like my one week I only lost a lb, but i put that down to the time of the month. just keep doing what your doing and you will get there!

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