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TFI Monday.....Seriously lol

Hi Guys....well im glad to say im sooo happy its Monday...i really struggled at the weekend! I cracked on Fri night but picked myself back up on Sat and have been 100% all weekend! it was torture and i dont know where i got the willpower from!
I def feel less puffy and bloated and i like this feeling and def looovvveeee being in control!
I cant wait for my 1st weigh in on Wed.
Good luck everyone....We can do this x
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Sensibly losing :)
Well done :)
I too struggled at the weekend, I guess thats really common as normal routine is out of the window and you have more time to yourself?? I found it hard with the other half home to be honest as he was able to eat everything he wanted..! sod! LOL!

Good luck for Weds - I am a couple of days behind you and I cant wait to have my WI on Friday! xx
You were not alone, I had a very hard weekend, I really wasn't ready for it. Far too much tempation and a constant craving all weekend, food seam to be everywhere! But it's Monday now, the start of a new week and we'll be ready the next time round!

We can do this!


Sensibly losing :)
What are we all like eh? Maybe we should all have a mass meet-up for all us LT-ers and just lok ourselves in a dark room for 48 hours until the weekends are over?
We are all new to this so I hope that it all settles down - everyone else has done so well which means they didnt cave in, therefore I assume it gets easier? I felt so hard done by yesterday but felt completely empowered when I woke today and realised I didnt cheat for the first time in my life..!! :))
Hang in there :) xx
hard weekend too, we need to prepare ourselves for it, and have a big list of things to do, to keep us busy, away from f**d !
hang in there..... it will all feel worth it when you see how much you have lost x
The weekend was bad for me too, everything you see is about food, glad its a weekday!!!
Has anyone noticed every advert on the tv is about food?!!!!
Well i managed to survive today....it's now 9.30 and im having an early night...AGAIN!!! love these early nights!
But i must say there is no better feeling than knowing you have been 100% all day! Bring on day 7!!!
Good luck everyone x


Sensibly losing :)
LOL Yup I am just off to bed, later that i had planned too as got stuck checking some emails and got carried away.. I figure all of the time I am sleeping I cant eat ;) only dream about food... ! I had o cook roast chicken and the works for tea tonight for everyone and omg carving the chicken was just the worst thing so far and then the spuds were ready and I had to feed it to the baby... OMG torture! never again! LOL!
omg you poor thing!!!! That is worse torture!!! Im lucky i have only 1 daughter and my hubby has been cooking the food all week! I just been making her snacks. Its amazing how you have to really think about the things you did before!!! ...like eating a bit of ham while making the sandwich or licking your fingers after preparing food! Bloody nightmare...but its not forever...i have to keep reminding myself! Well good for you for not giving in!!!

Keep going everyone!!!! Think of the nice weather coming soon x
Yes I have notice every advert on TV is about food and depend on which I saw last that the food I want! I’ve also noticed the food is every where; it’s haunting me driving me mad! Seriously I never realized how much “normal” life revolves around food.

Cham Pers

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Nomorepie aint that so true! Its ridiculous no wonder we all over eat when its being thrust into our faces every where we turn!
Its so true. I couldnt beleive it last night there was about an advert gap and every single one was food! then I picked up a magazine which was also full of food! It drives me insane! I had a terrible weekend last week, so although im glad my second wi is nearly here i know it is followed by another weekend which i am dreading! I hate not being able to stop for a coffee or lunch out, it really puts a downer on the weekend.

My early nights have got earlier and earlier, last night was half 7!!! lol

But its not forever only for a few more weeks and it will be so worth it.
I was only saying to my friend last night why is it when your on a diet every advert and every TV programme you watch you can garantee there is someone on it stuffing there face. I dont do myself any favours as I love Come Dine With Me lol heres hoping as the week is drawing to the weekend I stay strong this weekend:)
on day 15 now and i am finding that it is getting easier, its strange how you can do it, i would never have thought i could do this, i used to be eating all day long, as the time goes on im becoming less bothered about it, but i am looking forward to food at the end of it all. x
Hi lisabear, I'm on day 17 and I have to agree it does get easier. I am also finding it strange how my cravings have changed. At first I just wanted whatever I saw last, be it some eating or and advert on TV. However I’m now getting more selective about what I want. I know have a couple of things that I want (and I’m going to have) once I reefed.

Cham Pers

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Whats that then nomorepie??? What do u wanna eat on refeed? I been fancying sweet chili chicken so badly! The aberdeen angus burgers i cooked for the kids last night made me wanna puke and i could still smell it round the house this morning. I have informed them all that when i come off the refeed they are all goubg to join in on a low GI diet! Theyre up gor it so thats pleasing x


Silver Member
Hi everyone! I'm starting my treck down this root as of tomorrow and i find all your stories so inspirational! Thank you!!! You're all great and keep up the great work :)

Cham Pers

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Hi and welcome Serha good luck in ur LT challenge, looking forward to hearing all about it and getting to know you! We are all here for you hun :)

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