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thai food?


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hi there, i went to my local shopping centre today as they have opened a new eatery (eat central) and my mum and aunt wanted to try it out and see james martin open it lol i had for lunch some chicken ramen noodles and some sort of rice from the thai food place, i have estimated 600 cals for it, would that be about right? i didnt really have much as i was full when i got half way through it (yay stomach must have shrunk lol).
anyways do you think 600 cals is about right?
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thanks, i have never tried it before but gosh it was sooo nice, not too salty either which my aunt thought it would be. couldnt eat much of it though which i am glad about lol means i am doing something right he he
Its strange, I had never had thai til my birthday, and my bloke said did I want to go for something different... Since then, its been probably once a month lol, love the stuff!
I'm taking him to the Thai restaurant for his birthday next week, I am SO looking forward to it. Its just the flavours, its like magic food..!
Unfortunately, green curries are pretty calorific... the coconut milk is quite high in calories, so i think I will try and avoid that. The day we go, I'll be on toast for brekkie and WW Noodle Soup for lunch, that'll be 300 cals for the day, leaving 1200 for dinner ;-) Its the best I can manage haha
Without knowing the names of the dishes you had I can't help, I'm afraid. A lot of Thai's heavy on the coconut milk (mmm, calories!), and oil (pad thai, for instance, is a lot worse than it seems). But other dishes aren't so bad (tom yum soup springs to mind).

Ramen's a Japanese dish (originally Chinese, adopted and adapted by the Japanese), and the only vaguely similar Thai dish I can think of uses glass noodles. Were the noodles in your soup very thin? If so it's possible you may have had Gaeng Joot Woon Sen, which is basically just chicken stock, the noodles, and some vegetables (alas often with some sugar thrown in). If that's the case it wouldn't be bad at all, especially as Thai soups tend not to come in very large bowls.

Rice also depends on the portion size and whether or not there was coconut milk in it. Most Thai places in the UK just do Jasmine rice, and again in small quantities, so I suspect your 600 calories estimate might actually be a little wide of the mark, and you could be closer to 500.


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i actually thought it was a chinese place, but its called thai something, it wasnt a soup i had, it was just noodles and rice, the rice was just plain with some peppers in, and the noodles were just chicken ramen noodles

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