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Thai Green Curry using soya milk and coconut extract????

Hi i am new to posting so i apologise if there is already a post on this and i just can't find it. :confused:
I am looking for a Thai green curry recipe that does not include coconut milk.
I adore coconut based curries but i really can't afford the syn value so I read somewhere that you can use soya milk from your HEb and coconut extract/essence so i ordered some online (cos it's rather hard to come by) :jelous: and i bought some soya milk all ready for when my essence arrived. Then my husband was reading the soya milk carton and said 'It says here if you heat it up it will split!!'
Drat!! :break_diet::cry: so I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a magic technique to stop the milk from splitting??
Thanks in advance :p
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To avoid splitting you should really have it at room temperature before you use it and only add it at the end.

I use Kara coconut milk - you get 400ml for a HEXA (which is the most of any milk there is). Its not creamy like tinned coconut milk but it doesnt have all the syns in it either and it has never split on me. You shouldnt let the milk boil, just let it warm through.

Hope that helps x
I get mine in Tesco or Sainsburys, its in the UHT milk aisle as its in a box.
Oh thanks so much i will definately look out for it. I have the same problem with the slimming world curry - the one on the website with all the spices? It's absolutely lovely the best curry i've ever made but the way i have to do it to avoid the fat free yoghurt splitting is cook everything then let it cool for about 15 minutes before i add the yoghurt last thing, it's quite time consuming.

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