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  1. natnat1105

    natnat1105 Full Member

    It's booked Thailand for next year....going to Bangkok and Phuket for 2 weeks....can't wait.

    I've never been before so if anyone has any recommendations for what do do, where to go and what to take....all welcome!! :)
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  3. sookie

    sookie Silver Member

    You will have a fab time.. Went there about 4 years ago.. One if the best holidays we have had.. Bangla road( think that's how you spell it) is a must so many bars to go in and there are like market stalls, great place to people is good and cheap... They sell loads of counterfeit clothes/bags you name it they sell it.. X
  4. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I lived there for a while! Have you been yet? Still need some advice?
  5. natnat1105

    natnat1105 Full Member

    Hi, not been yet, due to go April so any advice is very welcome! :)
  6. *steph*

    *steph* Full Member

    I went about 7 years ago, stayed in phuket for 4 weeks and bangkok for one night. Phuket was incredible. It was a year or so after the tsunami and things were still a bit wrecked, but I had the best time. The markets are great just make sure you're careful not to get ripped off. Also try and get a boat trip that takes you scuba diving as you'll see Nemo and other gorgeous tropical fish :) Oh and and and another thing I loved was that we hired a moped for a few days and it's amazing zooming down the roads in the boiling heat...although I would be cautious as the thai don't seem to know what lanes are or anything else relating to road safety. You can get full body massages for the equivilant of around £2 too, everything is so cheap. I remember my mum had her hair done once a week and had a facial and a massage every couple of days haha. You'll love it.
  7. natnat1105

    natnat1105 Full Member

    Ooh....sounds brilliant. I'm so excited now its so close. We are looking at doing discovery scuba and elephant trekking while we are there. Can you recommend any companies for this? Also, would we be better booking Hesse things before we go, or waiting until we get there? Also, I know it's quite a subjective question, but how much would you recommend as spending for 2 weeks? We get breakfast at the hotel but that's all. Eek.....can't wait!!! :)
  8. MrsCadbury

    MrsCadbury Full Member

    I was in Thailand in November. Shopping at MBK. Day trip to a river market - you'll leave your hotel at 7am for this. If you don't mind violence you should go to a Thai boxing night. I didn't think I'd like it but it was really good. Also went to a lady boy show. It was ok. Think I had high expectations as I'd heard about the shows in Pattaya from my sister.

    We went to Koh Samui so don't know anything about Phuket, but I imagine some things will be similar. I personally wouldn't get a moped. Heard too many horror stories so hired a car. Was no bother getting about.

    Didn't go scuba diving. We hired a private speed boat and went snorkelling. The people driving the boat knew the best/quiet places to go.

    The food was amazing. I don't think I had a bad meal there. You will have a great time. Enjoy!

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  9. mailin

    mailin Full Member

    If you are in Bangkok at week-end a must is Chatuchak Market - last station on the Sky Train.

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