thank god for Icelands !!!


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Well, cant understand it , i had loads of 'stuff' on xmas day and then the same on saturday and have been picking at chocolate !!-
got on the scales yesterday and they were going up every time i got off and got on again !!!:eek::eek::eek:
so i thought oh bugger i'll just go to weigh in and suffer
when i got to weigh in we had to queue (because no one had turned up to help consultant so she had to do it all herself)
and all we could hear was -you put on 1-you put on 2-you put on 3 OMG
i was waiting for my turn to be told you put on 5 !!!........
I got on the scales and.......
I stayed the same !!!!:D:D how good was that ..more to the point HOW???
I had loads of mini pancake rolls ,sausage rolls, lumps of chicken etc and chocolate gateaux !!..
I must have worn heavier knickers last time !!!
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Who are we to question when the scales work in our favour LOL. Thats a mean feat over xmas to stay the same. I went to weigh in last night to be told I had put on 5lb, so that will need to be gone for next week.


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Alice, you are a star, I'm not on slimming world, but I had to say well done on staying the same!!:talk017:I was on slimming world last year and I gained 7lb in the week after christmas, so thats amazing, I have read your other thread and just want to wish you well for 2009, well done again, you must be very chuffed! Julie x:)


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I was amazed that I had only put on 2lbs. I hadn't been really bad over Xmas itself, but I had been off the plan for a week. In that week I ate:-

1 large dominos pizza
3 kebabs
1 McDonalds
1 Large chocolate brownie sundae
3 peices of black forest gateau
3 peices of chocolate indulgence gateau
1 Xmas dinner with all the trimmings

And thats just what I can remember.


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Well done Slack Alice! - But what the heck are these heavy knickers.....???? Chuck em out and get some little ones more fitting to the new slimmer!