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Thank goodness for sugar free gum!


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Not sure if you can have it on CD, but its been my saviour this week!! So so many many temptations with all the festive goodies around. :eek:

Doing our weekly shop I just WANTED some of these goodies so badly!! (how sad am I).

Already sucumbed to one mince pie (hubby fault he insisted I have at least 1 :( ) and 1 ferror roche (sp) which one of my customers of old gave me ...bless him. I just had to have one. :rolleyes:

But apart from that have stuck to the plan!!

Sugar free gum has helped keep me on track for the main part, as you can get some strong tasting ones which for me have helped stop me dead!! :D :D :D

Its so hard this time of year isnt it ???? hows everyone else doing ??

Deb x
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Oh I so agree!! As far as I know, we are not officially allowed it on CD, cos it can kick off cravings and I think can affect ketosis in some people (could be wrong about that!!) BUT I have had days when I desperately needed it and am glad I had some!!!
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I always tell my clients not to use sugar-free gum if at all possible.

It's true it won't affect your weightloss in itself, but the act of chewing informs your tummy that "food is on the way" and it can set off cravings which become very hard to resist.

If at all possible, don't use it. If you absolutely HAVE to chew gum, then just chew it until the minty flavour has gone and then discard it.
chewing gum just make me starving, it gets all ur juices ready for food then there is no food its not a good thing at all


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S: 12st7lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.71%)
OOPS!! :p :p :p

thanks for putting me right. Will give up the gum, never realised it was so much of a no-no. :eek:

It makes sense that the chewing etc will make you feel hungry. It just helped me get through the shopping at the time.

Thanks for the great advice everyone. Your all stars. :D

Deb x
On a personal note, I have chewed my way all through LighterLife. It doesn't seem to have affected my weightloss and it certainly doesn't make me feel hungry, quite the opposite in fact

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