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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Yuna, 28 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Yuna

    Yuna Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b

    I can't find the thread I was posting on before re: unpleasant blockages so wanted to say thank you to the person [can't remember was 3 days ago] who suggested fibresure from Tesco Got myself two weeks supply for 10 euro :)

    It has worked fantasically and saved my CD journey. Taking 6 tablets in the day - as per back of pack and it has sorted my out completely

    So thank you, thank you, thank you :):):)
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  3. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I've been taking it too, still waiting on the less pleasant s/e to go, but I am definitely happier taking it so thank you from me too :)
  4. LizDesigns

    LizDesigns Silver Member

    Same goes for me, works a treat. ;)
  5. hotstuff

    hotstuff Full Member

    Not wanting to blow my own trumpet or anything but I think that may have been me! I have recommended it several times on this site and i swear by it. I'm delighted it's working for you all.
  6. jaybird

    jaybird Full Member

    I have some at home and also fibre 89, i looked at the content of each and the fibresure is alot higher in everything, does this have an effect on anyones weightloss??
  7. Yuna

    Yuna Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b

    Gee, didn't even think to look but just checked and everything in my fibresure is <0.01g, except protein 2g and 2 capsules are 3.3 kcal so thats not much at all.:) Don't have Fibre89 to check afainst tho.

    In fact think sweetners contain more..... [speculating...]

    Plus, think my 'blockage' would weigh me down more than the fibresure would stop me losing :p
  8. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    When I asked my CDC about fibre 89 she told me to just get fibersure that its perfectly fine for the diet :)
  9. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Can I just again thank Hotstuff for her recommendation of fibersure, I have been taking the capsules 3x twice daily since you recommended it and I have had a complete turn around in this area, not only have I gone to the loo every day for 18 consecutive days but I have lost the other less pleasant s/e of the torture involved in going, that took a bit longer but things are going very smoothly for at least the last week and I am much happier

    Thank you again, and to any of you out there suffering in silence with toilet issues, get some fibersure and take it daily you wont know yourself after a few days.
  10. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Glad all is ok yuna.

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